Definition of heavily in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈhɛvɪli/


1To a great degree; in large amounts: it was raining heavily he had been drinking heavily for six months she is heavily pregnant
More example sentences
  • The bacterial outbreak was attributed to the use of heavily diluted disinfectant.
  • The company invested heavily in advertising to modernise its staid image.
  • The word beefy is used to indicate a powerful, perhaps heavily alcoholic wine, with a very chewy or mouth-filling impact.
laboriously, slowly, ponderously, steadily, deliberately, woodenly, stiffly, with heavy steps, with leaden steps;
with difficulty, painfully, awkwardly, clumsily;
decisively, utterly, completely, thoroughly, totally, conclusively, roundly, soundly, absolutely
excessively, to excess, immoderately, copiously, inordinately, intemperately, a great deal, too much, very much, overmuch, to a great extent, to too great an extent, without restraint, without control
deeply, extremely, very, greatly, exceedingly, enormously, terribly, tremendously, awfully, profoundly
informal seriously
British informal jolly, ever so
1.1To a large extent; very or very much: the country is heavily dependent on banana exports he was heavily influenced by the Impressionists
More example sentences
  • Like many involved with the Spiritual Rights Foundation, they left heavily in debt.
  • Many factory outlets sell winter accessories at heavily discounted prices.
  • A few minutes later we stood on the beach under a heavily clouded sky, looking out over a millpond sea.
2With a lot of force or effort; with weight: she fell heavily to the ground he sat down heavily in the chair
More example sentences
  • He fell very heavily on his, erm, backside.
  • The door closed heavily behind Lawrence.
  • Dr. Lawrence was strolling at a leisurely pace, leaning rather heavily on his walking stick.
2.1In a way that is mentally oppressive or hard to endure: it is a burden that weighs heavily on his shoulders tension hung heavily in the air
More example sentences
  • Sometimes, the weight of memory and time weighs heavily.
  • The weight of expectation understandably rests heavily on his shoulders.
  • But right now this is weighing so heavily on my mind that I don't know how I can not mention it.
2.2Slowly and loudly: she was breathing heavily the man in the next room was snoring heavily
More example sentences
  • "Gallant Jong Suk" was her nickname, named after her habit of breathing heavily when working and marching.
  • It was some time later when they eventually drew slightly apart, both gasping to breathe heavily, hardly able to speak.
2.3In a slow way that expresses sadness: he sighed heavily
More example sentences
  • Its king breathed heavily in his palace, all alone.
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