Definition of hefty in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈhɛfti/

adjective (heftier, heftiest)

1Large and heavy: a hefty young chap
More example sentences
  • My theory is that his wheelchair was lifted off the transporter pad by a couple of hefty young officers.
  • Now there was a fellow as tough as a maddened bear - a hefty, red-haired chap with a voice as strong as his muscles.
  • Well, this massive tome is hefty enough to be a table in its own right.
burly, heavy, sturdy, strapping, bulky, brawny, husky, strong, muscular, large, big, massive, weighty, solid, well built, solidly built, powerfully built;
portly, stout
informal hulking, hunky, beefy, ripped, shredded
North American informal buff
US informal jacked
literary stalwart, thewy
heavy, weighty, bulky, leaden, big, large, substantial, massive, ponderous;
unwieldy, cumbersome, burdensome, awkward
informal hulking, weighing a ton
1.1(Of a number or amount) impressively large: a hefty £10 million they could face hefty fines
More example sentences
  • While some programs do cost a hefty amount, most are on the lower end.
  • Naturally, this meant a hefty amount of foreign travel.
  • Yesterday, I actually did a hefty amount of proper studying.
substantial, sizeable, considerable, stiff, high-cost, extortionate, inflated, large, huge, excessive, colossal;
British  over the odds
informal steep, astronomical, whopping, thumping
British informal whacking, whacking great
2Done with vigour or force: he aimed a hefty kick at the door
More example sentences
  • My arms ached like they'd been repeatedly thumped, and there was an aching in my stomach which suggested they'd given me a hefty kick in the balls.
  • He's taken a hefty kick in the face for his troubles, mind.
  • A series of hefty kicks on the two men left them both limping even after lengthy treatment.
powerful, violent, hard, forceful, heavy, vigorous, mighty, thunderous



Pronunciation: /ˈhɛftɪli/
Example sentences
  • Home-made cakes looked appetising but heftily priced - organic apple and banana, chocolate fudge or carrot and orange cake.
  • Dark-haired and heftily built, he was a perfect picture of all-American solidity and youthful certainty.
  • If he was watching at home he would have applauded heftily.


Example sentences
  • My personal opinion of his politics aside, he certainly touches on some weighty topics - terrorism, drugs, racism - but I found that his jokes didn't offset the heftiness of their targets.
  • It weighs 1,670 kg, low for a car of this heftiness.
  • I like to use 14-gauge wire because of its heftiness and it looks great after it has been hammered.

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