There are 2 definitions of husky in English:


Line breaks: husky
Pronunciation: /ˈhʌski

adjective (huskier, huskiest)

1(Of a voice or utterance) sounding low-pitched and slightly hoarse: his voice became a husky, erotic whisper
More example sentences
  • She speaks in a husky voice that clicks slightly from a dry mouth.
  • ‘You go ahead,’ Rex said in an anxious, slightly husky voice.
  • The women were all in sequins and diamonds and they smoked cigarettes and had raspy voices and husky laughs.
2(Of a person) big and strong: Paddy looked a husky, strong guy
More example sentences
  • He was a few inches shorter than me and he's husky.
  • The husky man looked irritated at being interrupted.
  • This is why husky men over 6 feet tall should avoid yoga.
strong, muscular, muscly, muscle-bound, brawny, hefty, burly, chunky, strapping, thickset, solid, powerful, heavy, robust, rugged, sturdy, Herculean, big and strong, broad-shouldered, well built, powerfully built, solidly built
North American informal buff
dated stalwart
literary thewy, stark
3Like or consisting of a husk or husks: the husky stem of a palm tree



More example sentences
  • ‘I don't think I can watch this,’ he muttered huskily.
  • ‘I was just about to mention it,’ he said huskily.
  • ‘Hello boss,’ a voice whispered huskily into her ear.


More example sentences
  • ‘I was hoping it was you,’ she whispered with a huskiness Jesse recognised instantly.
  • There was something familiar in the huskiness of his tone that she couldn't quite place.
  • Her voice was quick and anxious, not her usual slight huskiness.

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There are 2 definitions of husky in English:


Line breaks: husky
Pronunciation: /ˈhʌski

noun (plural huskies)

A powerful dog of a breed with a thick double coat which is typically grey, used in the Arctic for pulling sledges.
More example sentences
  • Similarly, a trip to where the huskies are bred and trained to pull sleighs takes you right to the heart of what the traditional lifestyle is like.
  • It is being marketed particularly to owners of the most naturally active breeds such as greyhounds and huskies, which can be worst affected by inactivity.
  • He'd been working and breeding Alaskan huskies for five years.


mid 19th century (originally denoting the Eskimo language or an Eskimo): abbreviation of obsolete Ehuskemay or Newfoundland dialect Huskemaw 'Eskimo', probably from Montagnais (see Eskimo). The term replaced the 18th-century term Eskimo dog.

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