Definition of hybrid in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈhʌɪbrɪd/


1 Biology The offspring of two plants or animals of different species or varieties, such as a mule: the bird was a hybrid of a goose and a swan
More example sentences
  • Many of the decorative species and hybrids are reasonably hardy plants.
  • Red varieties derived from hybrids of all these species are also available today.
  • The animals were hybrids of different breeds, of which one was predominant.
cross, cross-breed, mixed-breed;
mixture, blend, meld, amalgam, amalgamation, combination, composite, compound, conglomerate, fusion, synthesis
informal mash-up
2A thing made by combining two different elements: jungle is a hybrid of reggae and house music
More example sentences
  • To this end, firms have created hybrids combining elements of free code with code that is licensed for cash.
  • I mean this episode tonight is a hybrid of different TV shows.
  • With no lineouts, no meaningful scrums and all players having to be greyhounds, it's a hybrid of rugby union.
2.1A word formed from elements taken from different languages, for example television (tele- from Greek, vision from Latin).
Example sentences
  • In present-day usage, despite Fowler's strictures, concern for classical and linguistic purity is minimal and the coining of etymological hybrids is casual and massive.
  • That is a hybrid between the words create and reality that you made up.
  • An example of a Spanish-Aztec hybrid word is chibola, the Nicaraguan word for bottled soda.
2.2 (also hybrid car) A car with a petrol engine and an electric motor, each of which can propel it.
Example sentences
  • It will be a rear wheel drive full hybrid making it able to travel at low speeds under electric propulsion alone.
  • Officials will not give specific figures but say fuel economy will be equivalent to that of a compact car, and the hybrid will produce fewer emissions than a standard SUV.
  • There are many corporations offering incentives such as free parking to those who drive hybrids.


1Of mixed character; composed of different elements: hybrid diesel-electric buses
More example sentences
  • But at the same time, he teases out of the monitor a hybrid video stream composed of diverse elements, synthesized and reordered.
  • Some comments really do conjure hybrid cities and mixed realities.
  • For many the gaming elements of a hybrid device could be a turn-off.
1.1Bred as a hybrid from different species or varieties: a hybrid variety hybrid offspring
More example sentences
  • The debate over whether or not to use hybrid varieties becomes very different when you switch from big-time agriculture to home gardening.
  • There are well over 300 species of Dianthus, including hundreds of hybrid varieties.
  • One advantage of male-sterile plants is in the production of hybrid varieties of some species that currently are difficult and expensive to produce in quantity.
composite, cross-bred, interbred;
mixed, compound, combined, blended, mongrel, impure



Pronunciation: /ˈhʌɪbrɪdɪz(ə)m/
Example sentences
  • This hybridism is particular to all the Islamic movements described, in Turkey, France and Germany: Muslims reflect Muslim values but also employ western forms of self-representation.
  • I am a product of this post-apartheid hybridism.
  • This is where the hybridism of all cultures in media spaces stops.


Pronunciation: /hʌɪˈbrɪdɪti/
Example sentences
  • Inspired by news items about cloning and the duel concepts of cultural opposition and hybridity, he melded the peaceful birds with fiercer creatures of prey and perched them all on a fence.
  • As always, the weekend sidestage shows that will take place during the day on July 27 and 28 are sure to be a source of musical innovation and cultural hybridity.
  • In their own individual ways, all these artists reflect - and reflect upon - this cultural hybridity.


Early 17th century (as a noun): from Latin hybrida 'offspring of a tame sow and wild boar, child of a freeman and slave, etc.'.

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