Definition of in tatters in English:

in tatters

1Torn in many places; in shreds: wallpaper hung in tatters
More example sentences
  • And half of the flowers were in tatters, torn by the frenzy of legs and wings.
  • Her sleeves were in tatters, the worn cotton having merely given way to greater force.
  • Sporting a brave front, he put on his battle gear: a worn-out helmet, its straps in tatters.
1.1Destroyed; ruined: the ceasefire was in tatters within hours
More example sentences
  • It was argued that business would be destroyed and the town's economic future would be in tatters.
  • Hence Europe at war's end was in tatters, Britain was virtually bankrupt, Germany destroyed, and Japan on its knees.
  • The country was carved up among rival militia, the economy was in ruins and the social fabric in tatters.
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