Definition of inconspicuous in English:

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Pronunciation: /ɪnkənˈspɪkjʊəs/


Not clearly visible or attracting attention: an inconspicuous red-brick building
More example sentences
  • They had clearly tried to be inconspicuous, arriving in an unmarked white van with the legend Bell Mate Coffee.
  • When I start a temp job I try and remain inconspicuous, keeping quiet in the corner and not drawing too much attention to myself.
  • When they are raising young or robbing nests, they are very quiet and inconspicuous.
unobtrusive, unnoticeable, unremarkable, unspectacular, unostentatious, unimposing, undistinguished, unexceptional, modest, unassuming, discreet, hidden, concealed;
ordinary, plain, run-of-the-mill, insignificant, characterless, forgettable, unmemorable;
in the background, unnoticed, unseen, behind the scenes, out of the public eye, out of the spotlight, backstage, out of the limelight, low-profile, low-key;
quiet, retiring



Pronunciation: /ɪnkənˈspɪkjʊəsli/
Example sentences
  • A secret streamlet trickles on beneath the heavy cover of inertia and pseudo-events, slowly and inconspicuously undercutting it.
  • Neither can they move in Zimbabwe inconspicuously.
  • They need to be jotted down inconspicuously, preferably out of sight, since detailed note-taking in front of people may make them self-conscious.


Pronunciation: /ˌɪnkənˈspɪkjʊəsnəs/
Example sentences
  • The house's inconspicuousness is what attracted the mother of three to it in the first place.
  • We crouched low behind boulders, striving for inconspicuousness while Wehausen unpacked his telemetry equipment to see if any radio-collared sheep were in the vicinity.
  • Indeed, the surest sign of craft is its inconspicuousness.


Early 17th century (in the sense 'invisible, indiscernible'): from Latin inconspicuus (from in- 'not' + conspicuus 'clearly visible') + -ous.

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