Definition of indicator in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈɪndɪkeɪtə/


1A thing that indicates the state or level of something: car ownership is frequently used as an indicator of affluence
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  • The results suggest that the frequency of publication of financial statements may be an indicator of economic performance.
  • Furthermore, the jump in oil prices is reflected in the trade deficit - an indicator of the unsatisfactory level of competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy.
  • The most reliable scale is the Global Severity Index, an indicator of general stress level.
measure, gauge, barometer, index, mark, sign, signal;
guide to;
standard, touchstone, yardstick, benchmark, criterion, point of reference, guideline, test, litmus test
2A device providing specific information on the state or condition of something, in particular:
2.1 [usually with modifier] A gauge or meter of a specified kind: a speed indicator an altitude indicator
More example sentences
  • Surely something as simple as an electronic speed indicator, coupled with a 30 mph zone sign, would have effectively targeted the worst offenders.
  • The ship's speed indicator jumped forward, as did the ship, leaving the dimmer-witted fighters behind.
  • My last recollection was noting 120 mp/h on the air speed indicator, then I ploughed into trees.
meter, measuring instrument, measuring device, measure, gauge, dial, display, scale, index
2.2British A board or screen in a railway station, airport, etc. giving current information: [as modifier]: the indicator board
More example sentences
  • There was no train anywhere near - nothing even shown on the indicator boards - and yet everyone took it with good grace, and sat patiently.
  • The Chelmsford indicator boards were fixed by this evening, but for the last two days we've had no indicators and no announcements.
  • After a wait, then squeezing onto a crowded train I found myself at Liverpool Street, where the indicator board showed delayed or cancelled notices on every train.
3British A flashing light or (formerly) other device on a vehicle to show that it is about to change lanes or turn: [as modifier]: an indicator light
More example sentences
  • Conventional car lighting has a number of elements - headlamps, indicators, brake lights - in set positions.
  • Clumsy indicator / fog lights upset the purposeful, shark-like nose and bling-bling chrome filler cap allied with red brake callipers also look out of place.
  • Flashing direction indicators for motor vehicles, which will be legal in this country from Friday, were pioneered in Bradford, where they were fitted to some trolley-buses over a year ago.
4 Chemistry A compound which changes colour at a specific pH value or in the presence of a particular substance, and can be used to monitor acidity, alkalinity, or the progress of a reaction: the remaining alkali is titrated against standard acid using phenolphthalein as indicator
More example sentences
  • The color change in acid-base indicators is due to a chemical reaction between the indicator and the hydronium ions in the solution.
  • This absence of correlation should warn against using CO temperature coefficients of chemical shifts as indicators of a hydrogen bond acceptor.
  • Trace elements and oxygen isotopes are useful geochemical indicators of the chemistry of the waters from which the chert precipitated.
5 (also indicator species) An animal or plant species which can be used to infer conditions in a particular habitat: the raccoon is a poor choice as an indicator of riparian habitat
More example sentences
  • The calanoid copepod Lucicutia grandis is an indicator species for this habitat.
  • Research indicated the owl is an indicator species whose decline indicates the imperilment of the old-growth forest ecosystem.
  • The minnow is an indicator species that suggests the overall health, or sickness, of the entire river ecosystem.
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