There are 2 main definitions of Ivan in English:

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Ivan 1

Pronunciation: /ˈʌɪv(ə)n/
1The name of six rulers of Russia:
1.1 Ivan I (circa 1304–41), grand duke of Muscovy 1328–40. He strengthened and enlarged the duchy, making Moscow the ecclesiastical capital in 1326.
1.2 Ivan II (1326–59), grand duke of Muscovy 1353-9; known as Ivan the Red.
1.3 Ivan III (1440–1505), grand duke of Muscovy 1462–1505; known as Ivan the Great. He consolidated and enlarged his territory, defending it against a Tartar invasion in 1480 and adopting the title ‘Ruler of all Russia’ in 1472.
1.4 Ivan IV (1530–84), grand duke of Muscovy 1533–47 and first tsar of Russia 1547–84; known as Ivan the Terrible. He captured Kazan, Astrakhan, and Siberia, but the Tartar siege of Moscow and the Polish victory in the Livonian War (1558–82) left Russia weak and divided. In 1581 he killed his eldest son Ivan in a fit of rage, the succession passing to his mentally disturbed second son Fyodor.
1.5 Ivan V (1666–96), nominal tsar of Russia 1682–96.
1.6 Ivan VI (1740–64), infant tsar of Russia 1740-1.

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There are 2 main definitions of Ivan in English:

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Ivan 2

Pronunciation: /ˈʌɪv(ə)n/


A Russian man, especially a Russian soldier: [as name]: the story back then was that Ivan lost a sub and we were out to help them find it
More example sentences
  • The Ivans showed no hospitality towards simple soldiers.
  • Don't you know the Ivans throw women in their ranks and dress them like soldiers to fight us?
  • He was famous for using maximum discipline whenever possible, just to keep the quavering Ivans in line.
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