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Pronunciation: /dʒɔɪnt/


1A point at which parts of an artificial structure are joined: seal the joint between the roof and the house wall
More example sentences
  • After old caulk is removed, new caulk can then be applied to all joints in the window frame and the joint between the frame and the wall.
  • Or, you can seal the joint with duct tape placed lengthwise all along the seams and end joints.
  • For outdoor use, most manufacturers recommend that the joints be sealed with a non-acidic silicone glue.
join, junction, juncture, intersection, link, linkage, connection, nexus;
weld, knot, seam;
coupling, coupler;
bracket, brace, hinge;
Anatomy  commissure, suture
1.1A particular arrangement of parts of a structure at the point where they are joined: members connected together by rigid joints
More example sentences
  • Thanks to a new joint and crossbar arrangement for the car's load-bearing structure, the bodyshell stiffness is increased by 25 percent over its predecessor.
  • He soon knew every inch of the 1400 parts of the bridge and spent years filing the multitude of dovetail joints which hold the construction together.
1.2 Geology A break or fracture in a mass of rock, with no relative displacement of the parts.
Example sentences
  • Where the original rock had been Grade II or better, this had resulted in the rock being fractured and in joints being opened.
  • Fluorite-quartz intergrowths fill veins that follow high-angle en echelon joints and minor faults in granite.
  • Some of these master joints continue over the surface for hundreds of metres.
1.3A piece of flexible material forming the hinge of a book cover.
2A structure in the human or animal body at which two parts of the skeleton are fitted together: she suffers from stiff joints and finds bending difficult
More example sentences
  • The soft tissue structures around the joint play a vital role in the stability of the shoulder.
  • The shoulder is a ball and socket joint and the most mobile joint in the human body.
  • Her right leg is wasted and her knee joint is swollen, shiny and huge in comparison to the other.
technical articulation
2.1Each of the distinct sections of a body or limb between the places at which they are connected: the top two joints of his index finger
More example sentences
  • You want to be able to get the distal joint of your trigger finger onto the trigger.
  • Cut at an angle to create shapes the length of the first joint of your index finger.
2.2British A large piece of meat cooked whole or ready for cooking: a joint of ham
More example sentences
  • Jane was in the kitchen cooking a joint of beef ready for when Daddy got home.
  • For me, an ideal meal would be a joint of lamb cooked in the Aga at home, with plenty of fresh vegetables from my garden.
  • It's Christmas, the joint of beef is on trial, and you are about to make the best gravy of your life.
2.3The part of a stem of a plant from which a leaf or branch grows: cut just below a leaf joint
More example sentences
  • Take plenty to allow for any failures and trim each one just below a leaf joint so the cutting is about 10 cm long.
  • Make a cut below a leaf joint and dip the cutting in hormone rooting powder before inserting it into an open peat-free compost and perlite mix.
  • After flowering, if there are no ornamental seed heads, the flowering stems may be cut back to a leaf joint to remove the faded flowers.
2.4A section of a plant stem between two joints; an internode.
Example sentences
  • It acts perpendicular to the cross section of the joint.
  • For this study as with previous studies, stem joints were defined as the smallest diameter region between two successive stem segments.
  • Sometimes your older, established plants will have roots already growing from the segment joints.
3 informal An establishment of a specified kind, especially one where people meet for eating, drinking, or entertainment: a burger joint
More example sentences
  • As the number of entertainment joints in the resort has skyrocketed in the last three years, punters are increasingly choosy.
  • But such attention to detail seemed to clash with a laminated menu, which made me think of tacky burger joints and sad little cafes.
  • Bloggers are blessedly uninfected by the musty Establishmentarian Air that permeates joints like Elaine's.
establishment, restaurant, bar, club, nightclub
informal clip joint, dive
North American informal honky-tonk
in the US , historical speakeasy
3.1 (the joint) North American Prison.
Example sentences
  • Such is life in the big house, the joint, or the pokey.
  • Mr. X's drawing of the joint was not so much useless as directed at a different objective.
  • And unlike the joint in Indy where boxing was a no-no, the jail in Cali specializes in fights between hardened criminals.
4 informal A cannabis cigarette: he rolled a joint
More example sentences
  • Many of the anti-dope medical trials have been totally flawed because they focused on people smoking cannabis joints containing tobacco.
  • Here a man was sent to jail for possessing enough cannabis to make 2 joints.
  • I felt the best thing to do would be to learn to roll joints, and buy my own cannabis.
cannabis cigarette, marijuana cigarette
informal spliff, reefer, bomb, bomber, stick, blunt
South African  zol
British informal bifter
5US informal A piece of creative work, especially a film or piece of music: listen to one of his joints nowadays and you don’t even need to see the production credit
More example sentences
  • There was a sense of future that was the result of the mixture of politics, cinema, music, the first joints.


1Shared, held, or made by two or more people together: a joint statement
More example sentences
  • The joint statement specifically named Taiwan as a mutual security concern for the first time.
  • Make joint custody a reality instead of a meaningless scrap of paper.
  • Mr. Ladisa seeks an order for joint custody of all three of his children.
common, shared, communal, collective, corporate;
mutual, reciprocal;
cooperative, collaborative, concerted, joined, combined, allied, united
1.1Sharing in a position, achievement, or activity: a joint winner
More example sentences
  • It has Sweden and Greece in joint favourites position, at 7-1, followed by Doran at 8-1.
  • The award is a joint achievement by everyone at the site and I'm tremendously proud of every single employee.
  • I support joint activities with our ally when it is proper or expedient to do so (and especially when it is both proper and expedient).
1.2 Law Applied or regarded together. Often contrasted with several.
Example sentences
  • Joint tenancy is joint ownership and possession of the same property.
  • In any event, the RVP samples tested by Mr Cooper are properly to be regarded as the joint property of AIC and Mobil.
  • The history of this is in fact set out in the joint judgment of Justices Gummow and Hayne in Angas Law Services.


[with object]
1Provide or fasten (something) with joints: (as adjective jointed) jointed lever arms
More example sentences
  • Other dolls, Lily and Jane, made in Germany, had jointed arms and legs, eyelashes, eyes that opened and shut and real hair.
  • Made of 2in-thick slabs of precisely jointed oak, it spirals up, entirely self-supporting, without even a central pillar.
  • The students rev faster as we thump across the unevenly jointed highway.
1.1Fill up the joints of (masonry or brickwork) with mortar; point.
Example sentences
  • Possible tell-tale signs in this connection is any evidence of algae staining/open jointed brickwork to the rear, adjacent to such fixed pipes.
  • Tightly jointed stonework complements the house's crisp lines and ties it to the site, part of a former farm.
  • At the precipice of the roof, a stairwell circled its way to the bottom floor, where it jointed itself to a room that was probably once a bar.
1.2Prepare (a board) for being joined to another by planing its edge.
Example sentences
  • Be certain that the edges are properly jointed with no space between the boards.
  • As I set about planing, jointing, gluing and sanding the pieces, I also began a creative argument with the wood.
  • The timbers are often cut and dressed by hand, jointed and interlocked in the traditional way, and fastened throughout with wood pegs.
2Cut (the body of an animal) into joints for cooking: use a sharp knife to joint the bird
More example sentences
  • The jointed body was pinned to itself in a sort of fold.
  • Having found a butcher to joint it we started to skin it but we then discovered its problems - a missing front foot and a stinking gangrenous shoulder.
  • If cattle are removed at jointing, there will be very little yield loss.
cut up, chop up, butcher, carve


out of joint

(Of a joint of the body) out of position; dislocated: he put his hip out of joint
More example sentences
  • The injury has progressed to the point that the heads can dislocate or come out of joint.
  • I am in discomfort all the time and my hip keeps popping out of joint so I have to wiggle it back in.
  • Jacob wrestled with the angel until the angel put his hip out of joint.
1.1In a state of disorder or disorientation: time was thrown completely out of joint
More example sentences
  • But there is something collectively out of joint in European culture, if rhetoric like this really resonates with the public.
  • The angles are out of joint, the proportions irregular, the sky stained by blotches; still the birds flutter along in meditation.
  • The poets seem to be ethnographers, slightly out of joint.



Example sentences
  • In his Flora, painted as early as 1518, the nails of the jointless fingers are indicated only where they catch flecks of light.
  • As she bourrées on pointe, her jointless yet oddly articulate upper limbs delicately caress the air, forming looping undulations and crisscrossing patterns.
  • What we do have here is a rather queer looking creature with a faceless Charlie Brown head, duck legs, two jointless yet pliable arms, and tentacles.


Middle English: from Old French, past participle of joindre 'to join' (see join).

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