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Pronunciation: /dʒʌɡ


1British A cylindrical container with a handle and a lip, used for holding and pouring liquids.
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  • Place the lavender flowers in a wide jug and pour the cream over them.
  • Beat the rest of the sugar, milk, eggs and vanilla in a jug and pour over the croissants.
  • Supposedly, this is a guy pouring water from a jug.
1.1North American A large container for liquids, with a narrow mouth and typically a stopper or cap.
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  • From behind the fridge door, Allan peered out with his mouth leaving a soda jug.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, place the juice in a jug, stopper the jug with a cork, and allow it to sit in a cool, dry place for eighteen to twenty-one days.
  • Ellie enters the room carrying a kettle and a jug containing milk.
1.2The contents of a jug: she gave us a big jug of water
More example sentences
  • Rees then used a jug of water to help the students visualise our common need for ‘spiritual cleansing’ from hatred and selfishness.
  • The inmate, who has not been identified, took a jug of boiling water mixed with sugar from a kitchen unit and was carrying it along a landing when challenged by an officer.
  • They order a jug of sangria, watching the Argentinian who, aware of his audience's renewed interest, is now performing an encore.
2 (the jug) informal Prison: three months in the jug
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  • If I wasn't put in the jug, they wanted to kill me.
  • Crenshaw has spent long enough in the jug to know what he is talking about, but his crimes have always been those of stupidity rather than those of a hardened career criminal.
3 (jugs) vulgar slang A woman’s breasts.
4 (also jug handle) Climbing A secure hold that is cut into rock for climbing.
More example sentences
  • With thirty or more feet of extra rope, I rebelayed it through the jug handle perfectly situated above.
  • Lee is off and racing up through the deep dish and over the bulge and heading up the ironstone jugs to the belay.
  • I press my body upwards reaching deep into a jug formed by the sudden jutting out of the rock face.

verb (jugs, jugging, jugged)

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1 (usually as adjective jugged) Stew or boil (a hare or rabbit) in a covered container: jugged hare
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  • I remember still the rich, dense jugged hare I ate then, served from its own shining copper pot; 25 years on, jugged hare is still on the menu although today the marinade contains Chinese five spices.
  • The seven-course meal included such delicacies as oyster sauce, jugged hare and a topical Alexandra pudding.
  • The recipe for northern Italian jugged hare also incorporates a little chocolate at the end.
2North American informal Prosecute and imprison (someone): the hotel could jug him for trespassing


mid 16th century: perhaps from Jug, pet form of the given names Joan, Joanna, and Jenny.



noun (plural jugfuls)
More example sentences
  • It seems to confirm what we always suspected - that Austrian wine, like Strauss operettas, is frivolous and irresponsible and only for swigging by the jugful.
  • The resident cats of the time didn't much like the hissing and spluttering and clattering the device made as it brewed a new jugful, but they came round in the end.
  • From that date you could drink it by the jugful in the cafés of Paris, and a gloriously refreshing tipple it was.

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