Definition of kink in English:

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Pronunciation: /kɪŋk/


1A sharp twist or curve in something that is otherwise straight: a kink in the road
More example sentences
  • The tree has a sharp kink in its trunk, as if it had been convulsed with pain.
  • And so today the road has a slight kink in it to accommodate the tree.
  • That hall was longer than the others and didn't go straight all the way; it had a kink in it.
curl, crimp, twist, twirl, ringlet, wave, frizz;
knot, tangle, entanglement, coil, loop, crinkle, wrinkle, warp, distortion, irregularity
bend, corner, angle, dog-leg, crook, twist, turn, curve, loop, zigzag;
British  hairpin bend
1.1A flaw or obstacle in a plan, operation, etc. though the system is making some headway, there are still some kinks to iron out
More example sentences
  • Despite the organization's kinks and flaws, even some of FSC's fiercest critics acknowledge its needed role in the movement to help forests regain their balance.
  • Okay, so there are a few kinks in the plan that still have to be worked out, but what do you say?
  • The cafe held several days of trial runs, in which specially invited customers made their choice of free goodies while the staff and cooks ironed out the kinks.
flaw, defect, imperfection, problem, difficulty, complication, hitch, snag, shortcoming, weak point/spot, weakness, catch
informal hiccup, glitch
1.2A quirk of character or behaviour.
Example sentences
  • Every character has its quirks and kinks but notable among the lot is the marigold chewing tent maker P K Dubey.
  • Pluto is encouraging you to stand up for your quirks and kinks.
aberration, irregularity, deviation, perversion, fetish
informal hang-up, thing
1.3 informal A person’s unusual sexual preference.
Example sentences
  • I'm sure my neighbours think I'm into kink.
  • Despite his best efforts, MacLachlan does seem to end up playing guys with a kink in their closet.
  • Be careful: that yawn-inducing exterior could hide dangerous kinks.
2North American A crick in the neck.
Example sentences
  • His neck had a kink from sleeping in one position for so long.
  • Stretching out neck kinks, waiting for the light to change.
  • He was working out the kinks in his neck, but when he saw us, he stopped.


Form or cause to form a sharp twist or curve: [no object]: the river kinks violently in a right angle [with object]: take care to avoid kinking the wire
More example sentences
  • Thread should unwind from the spool and enter the first tension guide on the machine without kinking, twisting or puddling.
  • Avoid kinking the conduit, and make sure all connections are secure.
  • If the injured limb has been rotated, it is gently realigned and splinted to avoid kinking or tourniqueting.


Late 17th century: from Middle Low German kinke, probably from Dutch kinken 'to kink'.

  • Originally a nautical term referring to a twist in a rope, kink is from Middle Low German kinke, probably from Dutch kinken ‘to kink’. The adjective kinky, based on kink arose in the mid 19th century meaning ‘having twists’; the sense ‘perverted’ dates from the 1950s.

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