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Pronunciation: /laʊd



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  • With a great deal of volume: they shouted as loud as they could
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    • Of course, it's not easy to tackle persistent offending, but authoritarianism will never work - no matter how loud our politicians shout.
    • From now on we'll be shouting loud and clear on your behalf and demanding to know who these people are.
    • No matter how loud he shouted no one seemed to hear him.


out loud

Aloud; audibly: she laughed out loud
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  • We laughed out loud at this, which is more than we can say about the film.
  • It is a moment so bloated and overblown, there is nothing to do but laugh out loud.
  • I have to admit I laughed out loud, harder than I have for a long time. It was priceless.



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  • A steady, loudening thumping was all the warning he had.
  • Sound effects that would normally remain as background are loudened so evocatively that even temperatures are palpable.
  • Morrison's voice stops and we are subjected to just the sound of the drums from the song and the loudening helicopters from the scene.


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  • I cannot remember a time when so many have despaired so deeply and so loudly for the future for Europe.
  • The music is played so loudly and powerfully that it creates a feeling of dizziness and ecstasy.
  • I was about to reject him again when thunder boomed loudly overhead and it started to rain.
at the top of one's voice, at full volume, at top volume; noisily, blaringly, boomingly, deafeningly, thunderously, thunderingly, tumultuously, clamorously, piercingly; cacophonously, harshly, raucously; stridently, resoundingly; sonorously, deeply, ringingly, lustily, powerfully, forcefully; Music forte, fortissimo
informal as if to wake the dead


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  • Of course I didn't want to open my eyes and be confronted with that loudness so I pretended to stay asleep.
  • Chris was speaking with theatrical loudness, so practically everybody on the coach could hear him talk.
  • Given that, the loudness of the explosions was quite intense.


Old English hlūd, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch luid, German laut, from an Indo-European root meaning 'hear', shared by Greek kluein 'hear', klutos 'famous' and Latin cluere 'be famous'.

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