There are 3 main definitions of lower in English:

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lower 1

Pronunciation: /ˈləʊə/
comparative of low1.


1Less high in position: the lower levels of the building
More example sentences
  • The proposal for a new building had a more plausible scale and circulation pattern in a somewhat lower structure.
  • Resuscitation may have dislodged it and allowed minute food particles to pass into the lower respiratory tract.
1.1Less high in status or amount: managers lower down the hierarchy lower costs will encourage people to buy
1.2(Of an animal or plant) showing relatively primitive or simple characteristics.
1.3 (often Lower) Geology & Archaeology Denoting an older (and hence usually deeper) part of a stratigraphic division or archaeological deposit or the period in which it was formed or deposited: Lower Cretaceous Lower Palaeolithic
1.4 [in place names] Situated to the south: the union of Upper and Lower Egypt


In or into a lower position: the sun sank lower



Pronunciation: /ˈləʊəməʊst/
Example sentences
  • Also, there is a need to provide a positive signal when the user steps on the lowermost rung of the ladder to prevent the possible injury described above.
  • The other method is to apply coats of special waterproof cement on the inside surfaces of the walls and lowermost floor, using pressure adhesion.

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There are 3 main definitions of lower in English:

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lower 2

Pronunciation: /ˈləʊə/


[with object]
1Move (someone or something) in a downward direction: he watched the coffin being lowered into the ground
More example sentences
  • Upon the third ring, my other hand released his and I lowered my fist, moving away from the elder man and back to my laptop.
  • He lowered his hand, moving his focus to the paints and pencils and brushes that had been forgotten for so long.
  • He stood by as baskets of mutton and fish were lowered in together like coffins in a communal grave.
1.1Make or become less in amount, intensity, or degree: [with object]: traffic speeds must be lowered she lowered her voice to a whisper [no object]: temperatures lowered
More example sentences
  • For instance, when Penn State students take off for the holidays, the temperatures in the buildings can be lowered to 55 degrees.
  • The problem isn't merely that standards must be lowered in order for the weaker students to pass.
  • Costs, already greatly reduced, must be lowered even further if the airline is to compete in an increasingly cut-throat word.
1.2 (lower oneself) Behave in a way that is perceived as unworthy or debased: he must really love her to be able to lower himself to this
More example sentences
  • He lowers himself and the book by covering these topics.
  • It makes perfect sense for supermodels to love me, but there's really no reason for them to be lowering themselves to fools like Pete.
  • I think my greatest disappointment was really the commissioners' behavior with regard to lowering themselves to partisan politics.
degrade, debase, demean, abase, humble, humiliate, downgrade, discredit, shame, dishonour, disgrace;
belittle, cheapen, devalue;
(lower oneself) condescend, deign, stoop, sink, descend, vouchsafe



lower the boom on

North American informal
Treat (someone) severely: his fellow Democrats don’t want to be seen as lowering the boom on him
More example sentences
  • He came in and lowered the boom on a lot of people, and he didn't let people off the hook just because they were friendly or nice.
  • He says he simply forgot about memos in his own hand in 1981 and 1984 that show him lowering the boom on two previously undisclosed priests accused of molestation.
  • They lowered the boom on him, for no particular reason, after a snap decision that only took a few months.
1.1Put a stop to (an activity): let’s lower the boom on high-level corruption
More example sentences
  • He can scarce contain his glee as he is lauded him for lowering the boom on government troughing.
  • We just need to get a lock on power for another four years, and then we'll lower the boom on big government.

lower the tone

Diminish the general spirit or moral character of a conversation, place, etc. trust you to lower the tone of the conversation
More example sentences
  • It looks really untidy and lowers the tone of the whole area.
  • Graffiti is a nuisance, it lowers the tone of the neighbourhood and everybody's quality of life suffers.
  • But organizers of the ball say the agreement lowers the tone of the society gathering and have tried to ban the wealthy entrepreneur.
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There are 3 main definitions of lower in English:

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lower 3

Pronunciation: /ˈləʊə/

verb& noun

Variant spelling of lour.
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