Definition of make a or one's pile in English:

make a (or one's) pile

informal Make a lot of money: he was a car salesman who had made his pile in the Thatcher years
More example sentences
  • It's largely the preserve of TV comedians who've made their pile and are now desperately seeking some late - career credibility.
  • This is quite different from someone who has made their pile and bought a club as a hobby, much like buying a racehorse.
  • Both have made their pile and are looking for something to do.
fortune, considerable/vast/large sum of money, millions, billions
informal small fortune, mint, lots/pots/heaps/stacks of money, bomb, packet, killing, bundle, wad, tidy sum, pretty penny, telephone numbers
British informal shedloads, loadsamoney
North American informal big bucks, big money, gazillions
Australian informal big bickies, motser, motza
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