Definition of manufacture in English:

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Pronunciation: /manjʊˈfaktʃə/


[with object]
1Make (something) on a large scale using machinery: firms who manufacture ball bearings (as noun manufacturing) even in manufacturing they no longer dominate
More example sentences
  • Cultural products were manufactured on a mass scale, marketed by advertising, made ever more accessible by revolutions in technology.
  • MSG is manufactured on a large scale in many countries - total world output is said now to be well over a quarter of a million tonnes per year.
  • Most imitation guns are specifically manufactured to be exact replicas.
make, produce, mass produce, build, construct, assemble, put together, create, fabricate, prefabricate, turn out, process, form, fashion, model, mould, shape, forge, engineer
1.1(Of a living thing) produce (a substance) naturally: most plants use the sun’s light to manufacture their food through photosynthesis
More example sentences
  • The thyroid gland manufactures protein hormones, for which it needs iodine.
  • Some fishes use mineral grains from the environment for this purpose, and a few taxa manufacture calcium phosphate otoliths.
  • It doesn't hurt that trees manufacture oxygen, prevent soil erosion and reduce the heat.
1.2Make or produce (something abstract) in a merely mechanical way: (as adjective manufactured) manufactured love songs
More example sentences
  • It is not ironic or post-ironic, merely manufactured and synthetic.
  • What she actually offers is a load of manufactured pop songs, sung in a slightly affected posh voice.
  • At that moment, the door opened, and Kalven's wife entered the room with a manufactured smile on her face.
2Invent (evidence or a story): claims that the entire row had been manufactured by the press
More example sentences
  • Meanwhile, with the parts I had left over I approached Mr Tony and manufactured this news story.
  • But equally certainly it was just the sort of story that would be manufactured by his enemies to do him mischief.
  • All the details of the story turned out to be false and manufactured by the reporter himself.
make up, invent, fabricate, concoct, hatch, dream up, think up, trump up, devise, formulate, frame, contrive, construct, coin
informal cook up


[mass noun]
1The making of articles on a large scale using machinery: the manufacture of armoured vehicles
More example sentences
  • Even then, Europe, and particularly Britain, did not have mass manufacture on the scale of the American model.
  • Within these groups there are forms found across the western provinces and beyond, implying large scale manufacture, while others are confined to smaller areas.
  • He examines the style, quality and process of manufacture.
production, making, manufacturing, mass-production, construction, building, assembly, creation, fabrication, prefabrication, processing, putting together, turning out, engineering, forging
1.1 [with modifier] A specified branch of industry: the porcelain manufacture for which France became justly renowned
More example sentences
  • Historically ceramics production was widely dispersed, its main branches being brick and tile, pottery and porcelain manufacture.
  • Engineering, shipbuilding, petroleum-refining, and furniture manufacture are important industries.
  • The opening scene depicts Detroit as a city of smoke and industry, car manufacture, and boarded-up buildings.
1.2 (manufactures) Manufactured articles: exports and imports of manufactures
More example sentences
  • The two countries are small players in the world market but have a greater market share in primary products than manufactures.
  • The result of raising taxes on manufactures will directly affect the costs consumers pay.
  • Urbanisation accelerated, and with it Africa's international trade in manufactures and services.



Pronunciation: /manjʊfaktʃ(ə)rəˈbɪlɪti/
Example sentences
  • Rather, engineers must also consider many other factors such as economics, safety, accessibility, manufacturability, reliability, the environment and sustainability, to name a few.
  • Such semis are very suitable for mass production and innovative solutions in the form of compact and highly integrated parts that meet the high demands for performance, quality and cost efficient manufacturability.
  • ‘Serious cost reduction will come from the ability to reduce complexity within the head assembly and simplify its manufacturability,’ Thompson notes.


Example sentences
  • I actually made the hardware and it worked, but I did not consider that it was manufacturable so I shelved it.
  • The product designer and contract manufacturer can play off of each other's strengths to collaborate on a design that is both functional and manufacturable.
  • Many of these innovations and advances were made possible with improvements in processor technology, process technology, and circuit design and could not previously be implemented in high-volume, manufacturable solutions.


Mid 16th century (as noun, denoting something made by hand): from French (re-formed by association with Latin manu factum 'made by hand'), from Italian manifattura. The verb dates from the mid 17th century.

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