Definition of mark something down in English:

mark something down

(Of a retailer) reduce the indicated price of an item: ties are marked down by at least 25 per cent
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  • It has also led to spot shortages of fuel in the economically busiest areas of China, according to the China Securities News, with black-market speculators marking prices up 30% above levels set by the state-controlled pricing system.
  • All I am getting is a couple more horrible sweets and they have clearly factored such thefts into their prices and marked them up by about 10,000%.
  • The price of blatberries had been marked down again at Mumlat's Market.
reduce, decrease, lower, cut, put down, take down, discount
informal slash
lower the price of, make cheaper, sell at a giveaway price, put in a sale
informal knock down
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