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Line breaks: mar¦ket
Pronunciation: /ˈmɑːkɪt


  • 1A regular gathering of people for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other commodities: they wanted to browse around the street market
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    • There is always a danger, of course, that these events could be taken over by the sort of traders who sell their wares at car-boot sales and regular street markets.
    • It was a busy day in Nether Wallop when more than 300 people gathered in the village square for a street market and party.
    • A taster day is this Friday in Market Square with the main market on Church Street from Saturday to Monday.
  • 1.1An open space or covered building where vendors convene to sell their goods: [in place names]: Billingsgate Market
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    • She walks for about fifteen minutes to a huge roofed open air market and sits selling the chicken pieces till the middle of the afternoon.
    • The markets are open year-round, but she only sells flowers and plants during the winter.
    • Farmers are now allowed to sell their surplus crops in open markets.
    shopping centre, marketplace, mart, retail outlet, flea market, fair, bazaar, piazza, plaza; Arabic souk
    historical agora
    archaic emporium
  • 2An area or arena in which commercial dealings are conducted: the UK market remained in recession the labour market
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    • Science has shown that Canadian beef is safe, yet export markets remain closed.
    • But there is no reason to expect a house price boom - particularly if the labour market and wages growth remain subdued.
    • The labour market remains fairly tight and employers always have to be on the look-out for new sources of employees.
  • 2.1A demand for a particular commodity or service: there is a market for high-priced wine
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    • And she doesn't believe there's a market for landscapers in the native-plant industry.
    • There's a market for it and it's kind of a sequel to the cassette culture of the '80s and early '90s.
    • An East Lancashire businessman who has run lap-dancing bars in towns and cities said there simply wasn't a market for it in Blackburn.
    demand, call, want, desire, need, requirement
  • 2.2The state of trade at a particular time or in a particular context: the bottom’s fallen out of the market
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    • Despite the rumours and the negative air in the trade, the pub market held its own during the first six months of this year.
    • With the economy slowing, and a flood of tail-end boom cars being traded in, the market is in a state of flux.
    • When any asset becomes that valuable, the market usually responds by trading the asset.
    trade, trading, business, commerce, buying and selling, dealing
  • 2.3The free market: future development cannot be left to the market [as modifier]: a market economy
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    • As part of the general transition to a market economy, privatization laws for land have been introduced.
    • The nature of the market economy is that there are fluctuations in flows of income and expenses.
    • It turns out that the market economy operated much more efficiently than most observers had expected.
  • 2.4A stock market: the sale of the company’s shares on world markets
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    • When you invest in a foreign market, you compound the normal risk of a stock fund with currency risk.
    • It's very well established that the U.S. stock market often leads foreign markets.
    • Be very careful of backing any companies that need to raise money in the public markets by selling shares.

verb (markets, marketing, marketed)

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  • 1Advertise or promote (something): the product was marketed under the name ‘aspirin’
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    • He cut expenses by outsourcing manufacturing and relying on retail partners to market his products.
    • Today, having successfully expanded and marketed its own brand name, it is not about to get out of the personal computer business.
    • The old homepage failed to give advertisers ample space to market their products and services.
    sell, retail, offer for sale, put up for sale, vend, merchandise, trade, peddle, hawk; advertise, promote
  • 1.1Offer for sale: sheep farmers are still unable to market their lambs
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    • Moreover, there were many tomatoes for sale the day she marketed hers.
    • It formed joint ventures to market holiday homes in Spain and Portugal and to broker mortgages.
    • Let us consider the case of Nestle, who for many years marketed a frozen pizza product that was made with French bread.
  • 1.2 [no object] US Go shopping for provisions: then I have to go uptown and market


be in the market for

Wish to buy: she’s in the market for a new laptop
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  • The refinery is not up for sale, and certainly we have no understanding that anyone else in the oil business is in the market for another refinery.
  • This is interesting news as I happen to be in the market for just such a property
  • Everybody knows at least one person that they can think of that may be in the market for what you sell (and most will know a lot more).
wishing to buy, in need of, seeking, wanting, lacking, wishing for, desiring

make a market

Finance Take part in active dealing in particular shares or other assets: the illiquidity of gamma stocks means that it is difficult to make a market in them
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  • The stock is mainly held by the Burke family and some insiders, but a single broker in Alexandria does make a market in it, and five years ago Testa got his hands on some shares.
  • But once the investment banks dropped coverage of these companies, their trading departments stopped making a market in their stock and liquidity dried up.
  • If a source is a sell-side analyst covering a stock for a broker who makes a market in that stock, and the source says ‘buy,’ you discount it.

on the market

Available for sale: she decided to put her flat on the market
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  • Containing aloe vera and moisturiser, the gel will soon be available on the market.
  • Is it relevant that the bank has installed the best security system available on the market?
  • Since the flat wasn't on the market, the vendors and I have agreed to do the sale privately.
on sale, up for sale, for sale, on offer, purchasable, available, obtainable; North American on the block



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  • The debate about the conflicting roles of pharmaceutical representatives as educators or marketers is ongoing.
  • We realized it was time to reinvent ourselves as a designer, marketer and supplier of quality furniture.
  • Now if you were a commercial marketer you wouldn't believe that figure.


Middle English, via Anglo-Norman French from Latin mercatus, from mercari 'buy' (see also merchant).

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