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Line breaks: mas¦cu|line
Pronunciation: /ˈmaskjʊlɪn


1Having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men: he is outstandingly handsome and robust, very masculine
More example sentences
  • These are very attractive and masculine qualities.
  • This 16th century bastioned city is unique in the feminine quality among the masculine citadels of Rajasthan.
  • Actually, part of her success is that she combines traditionally masculine and feminine qualities in one package.
virile, macho, manly, all-male, muscular, muscly, strong, strapping, well built, rugged, robust, brawny, powerful, red-blooded, vigorous
informal hunky, ripped, shredded
North American informal buff
US informal jacked
mannish, manlike, unfeminine, unwomanly, unladylike, Amazonian
informal butch, dykey
archaic viraginous, viragoish
1.1Relating to men; male: a masculine voice
More example sentences
  • A hesitant and very masculine voice echoed through the earpiece.
  • A masculine voice soon interrupted them, the kitchen door opening.
  • However, I thought I caught a hint of relief in his masculine voice.
male, manly, manlike, of men, man's, men's, male-oriented
2 Grammar Of or denoting a gender of nouns and adjectives, conventionally regarded as male: masculine pronouns
More example sentences
  • Italian casa ‘house’ is a noun of feminine gender, giardino ‘garden’ is a noun of masculine gender.
  • It is unfortunate that the gender of the noun, being masculine, is confused with the intent of the word, which is neutral.
  • Latin homo is a masculine noun that can mean a human being, a male person, or humanity in general.


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1The male sex or gender: the dance presents the world of the masculine, its raw energy
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  • The result seems very much a mix of the two genders, with the emphasis on the masculine.
  • It differentiates the masculine from the feminine, the child from the adult and the human from the animal.
  • It must be part of an inclusive approach to discussing a new history, which integrates the feminine with the masculine.
1.1 Grammar A masculine word or form.
More example sentences
  • In dictionaries, adjectives are always given in the masculine singular and this may not be the form in which you need the adjective and you may have to change it.
  • The Masculine of either the Adjective or the Participle is freely used in any Case and in any construction.
  • It will be observed that the masculine of the adjective is declined exactly like a masculine noun of the second declension, the feminine exactly like a feminine noun of the first declension, and the neuter exactly like a neuter noun of the second declension.


late Middle English (in grammatical use): via Old French from Latin masculinus, from masculus 'male'.



More example sentences
  • Next came the denim jacket, my hands masculinely gripping the lapels, a debonair smile cocked across my face.
  • But it is the similarity of Aretino's praise of Venus's masculinely feminine form to Dolce's admiring description of the femininely masculine Adonis that is especially striking.
  • The men's designs were more modern in their scope; and Mr Tong showed some very masculinely sexy pieces here.

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