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Line breaks: mas|sive
Pronunciation: /ˈmasɪv


  • 2Exceptionally large: massive crowds are expected
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    • While the great powers were spending massive amounts of money on weapons and germ warfare, children were dying of starvation in many lands.
    • For now, of course, it's reserved for those with massive amounts of money.
    • Not only will campus bars lose massive amounts of money if they are dry, but they will be far less successful as venues for musical acts.
  • 2.1Very serious: a massive heart attack
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    • Those are patients with suspected heart attacks, massive bleeding, and serious head injuries.
    • One man was taken seriously ill after suffering a massive asthma attack following building work at flats.
    • Sadly, that was no use to my beloved mother who died recently - in Scotland - from a massive heart attack, while on a waiting list for heart surgery.
  • 2.2 informal Very successful or influential: the band are going to be massive
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    • Part of his dilemma is being a victim of his first hit film's massive success.
    • ‘Roosters have been a massive influence on the success of the pub as well,’ says Shaun.
    • His own composition - a massive hit - has been overlooked in favour of the vastly inferior follow-up single, which he had nothing to do with.
  • 3 Geology (Of rocks or beds) having no discernible form or structure: a massive limestone without bedding planes
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    • Offset by the blue of sky, the massive beds of rock stand out in surprising colours.
    • These highly alkaline lakes can produce massive beds of silica.
    • The bed thickness is variable from thinly bedded to massive beds up to 9 m thick, and the contacts with other facies are generally gradational.
  • 3.1(Of a mineral) not visibly crystalline: massive sulphides
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    • Some ore deposit types, such as volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits, can contain both syngenetic and epigenetic mineralization.
    • It also occurs in crusty or otherwise finely crystalline massive aggregates.
    • The massive sulphides are always contained within the Volcano - Sedimentary Complex.


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  • A group of young people from a particular area with a common interest in dance music: the Bristol massive
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    • It was an ambitious plan to bring together the hip hop and drum ‘n’ bass massives.
    • It has a long history of cross-cultural events, giving equal time to white, black, Indian and Asian DJs - and by extension their respective massives.
    • It's a nonsense verse used by everyone from boy scouts to football hooligans, including, presumably the Swansea massive.



[as submodifier]: a massively complicated network
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  • On the home front lets hope the Gambling bill gets massively restricted.
  • For a man walking a tightrope, yesterday's earthquake could be massively destabilising.
  • What they forget is that every other house has also gone up massively.


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  • If it hadn't been the right choice for my family there's no way I'd have been able to take on the massiveness of this job.
  • So that he could appreciate the massiveness of the volcano, she took his hand and traced with him its profile on the horizon.
  • But the very massiveness of these tumors, sometimes rivaling the size of their host, makes their seeming purposelessness all the more obvious.


late Middle English: from French massif, -ive, from Old French massis, based on Latin massa (see mass).

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