Definition of membrane in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈmɛmbreɪn/


Anatomy & Zoology
1A pliable sheet-like structure acting as a boundary, lining, or partition in an organism: the nucleus is a distinct region with a membrane around it [with modifier]: the mucous membrane
More example sentences
  • Osmosis is important in food preparation because the cell walls of living organisms are semipermeable membranes.
  • Structurally it is a membrane surrounding the heart, and physiologically it protects the heart.
  • Fibers in the wing membrane added structural support and stiffness.
1.1A thin pliable sheet of material forming a barrier or lining: the concrete should include a membrane to prevent rising damp
More example sentences
  • So many layers of colour have been piled on the canvas that a rubbery membrane of paint hangs over the sharp edges of the frame.
  • The ridge of the roof is a water channel from which water overflows onto the thin roofing membrane of stone and glass.
  • The cost of labor is virtually the same as for the thinner membrane, but puncture resistance is greatly enhanced.
1.2 Biology A microscopic double layer of lipids and proteins forming the boundary of cells or organelles.
Example sentences
  • Although there are, as far as is known, no quantitative data, hydrogen peroxide is usually thought to move rapidly across the membranes of cells and organelles.
  • Other organelles have double membranes, consisting of two phospholipid bilayers.
  • The interaction of electric fields with lipid membranes and cells has been extensively studied in the last decades.



Pronunciation: /mɛmbrəˈneɪʃəs/
Example sentences
  • Extending from the stem to the margin of the cap, and covering the gills, is the partial veil - a membranaceous, white texture of varying thickness.
  • Evergreen leaves are usually coriaceous, while deciduous leaves are usually membranaceous or chartaceous.
  • Above the pectoral is a long membranaceous scale equalling, or very nearly, the fin itself.


Pronunciation: /mɛmˈbreɪnɪəs/
Example sentences
  • The ‘paala’ is non-absorbent, has a membraneous coating and could be used as an eco-friendly substitute for plastic glasses and vessels.
  • In the organelles membraneous structures almost completely disappeared; however, some wavy membrane remnants could still be present beside one or two linear membranes lying under the external envelope.
  • Each flower, surrounded by a thin membraneous sheath, topped a short pedicel that elongated during the last stages of flower development up to anthesis.


Pronunciation: /ˈmɛmbrənəs/
Example sentences
  • They're huge white maggots with transparent membranous skin.
  • The baby is receiving emergency treatment on an extra-corporeal membranous oxygenation machine, to help him breathe.
  • Both dragonflies and damselflies have two pairs of elongated membranous wings with a strong crossvein and many small veins that criss-cross in the wings, adding strength and flexibility to the wings.


Late Middle English: from Latin membrana, from membrum 'limb'.

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