Definition of mend in English:

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Pronunciation: /mɛnd/


[with object]
1Repair (something that is broken or damaged): workmen were mending faulty cabling
More example sentences
  • The faulty shearing machines are repaired, the broken cobbles are mended and the new by-pass built.
  • The crucially important thing now is that whatever fences were damaged or knocked are mended and rebuilt, and that we get on with the forthcoming challenges with a united front.
  • It was not easy to find people to mend your shoes, repair your broken zipper or anything else that might be of minor importance but that is necessary for daily life.
repair, fix, put back together, piece together, patch up, restore, sew (up), stitch, darn, patch, cobble, botch, vamp (up);
rehabilitate, renew, renovate, redevelop, overhaul, recondition, rebuild, refurbish;
make whole, make well, cure, heal;
Northern English  fettle, spetch;
Scottish & Northern English  ranter
archaic clout, tinker, beet
1.1 [no object] Return to health; heal: foot injuries can take months to mend
More example sentences
  • I felt much better than I had earlier that day, my bones mending and bruises healing.
  • A technique called pulse magnetic therapy is used to heal broken bones that won't mend under plaster, and it has also been shown to help with arthritis.
  • Fractured vertebrae do heal, but they become compressed, and may mend in a wedge shape.
get better, get well, recover, be on the road to recovery, pull through, recuperate, convalesce, improve, be well, be cured, be all right, heal, knit, draw together
1.2Improve (an unpleasant situation): quarrels could be mended by talking
More example sentences
  • Drastic decisions should essentially be avoided unless you have done everything you sincerely feel you should have in order to mend the adverse situation.
  • To mend the situation Dr. Morrow suggests that each partner demonstrate how important the relationship is by making changes in behavior such as putting each other first and the family second.
  • She was in inescapable misery and I knew what that was like; not for the same reasons, but to be in a situation that would never mend itself, no matter what you did or how hard you tried to think a way out of it.
put/set right, set straight, make up, straighten out, sort out, put in order, rectify, remedy, right, redress, resolve, square, settle, put to rights, correct, amend, emend, retrieve, improve, make better, better, make good, ameliorate, reform
2Add fuel to (a fire): he mended the fire and turned the meat on the greenwood racks
More example sentences
  • When he mended the fire in the big living room, he would linger as long as he could beside the glowing coals, for although the fire burnt all day, the rest of the room remained cold.
  • He put a big pot on, mended the fire, and lit his pipe.
stoke (up), make up, charge, fuel


A repair in a material: the mend was barely visible
More example sentences
  • A devout cowboy lost his favourite Bible while he was mending fences out on the range.
  • Subsequently, the mend in the fabric had parted and the rent now revealed a knee with well-preserved skin covering some musculature.
  • There is a mend in the seam section on the bias and the seam running underneath the bust needs some stitch re-enforcement.



mend (one's) fences

Make peace with a person or group: is it too late to mend fences with your ex-wife?
More example sentences
  • First he has mended his fences with Miss Maisey and they are now living together as a family.
  • Now he is back, mending fences and building a power base.
  • By working together to preserve their common ecological heritage, there's hope the countries can also mend fences over their political and cultural differences.

mend one's manners

Act more politely: from the fact that I wasn’t instantly told to mend my manners, I knew she felt guilty
More example sentences
  • If he would mend his manners the man would soon understand him and reform his own.
  • I told him I'd leave him if he didn't mend his manners, and he wouldn't; so I left him.
  • The naughty pair have been banished to the nursery to learn a Bible verse for repentance, and Tabby to the cellar to mend her manners.

mend one's ways

Improve one’s habits or behaviour: she told Vincent to clear out of the house if he couldn’t mend his ways
More example sentences
  • The rest need to try that bit harder to keep their properties and the area around them in good order in the hope of shaming the scruffy minority into mending their ways.
  • Consumers in those countries can point to good repayment records after a default to show they have mended their ways.
  • He is humble, certainly, but has he mended his ways?

on the mend

Improving in health or condition; recovering: the economy is on the mend
More example sentences
  • I sincerely hope that her health is finally on the mend.
  • Your health will be on the mend; those who are still ill will be well-looked after.
  • The ability of companies to raise prices will stoke earnings, a signal that the economy is on the mend, and stocks could climb higher.
recovering, convalescent, on the road to recovery, making progress, progressing, improving

mend one's pace

dated Go faster; alter one’s pace to match a companion.
Example sentences
  • The train was still moving slowly, although beginning to mend her pace, and the drunkard got his feet without a fall.
  • James, being ambitious to mend his pace, tugged hard at the rein, and one of his rider's boots escaped from the stirrup.
  • As soon as Constantine heard of their departure, he sent a chiding letter to Mahan, and bade him mend his pace.



Example sentences
  • Occasionally a couple of gentlemen have appealed for old, obsolete or broken but mendable woodworking tools.
  • In recent years, materials scientists have been trying to emulate this capability by developing synthetic self-healing or easily mendable materials for products ranging from aerospace parts to athletic gear.
  • A pit in the Panayia field, west of the long sixth-century building, yielded a large quantity of mendable pottery including a wide variety of amphoras.


Pronunciation: /ˈmɛndə/
Example sentences
  • Writers, actors, radio presenters, road menders… and we all convened at his at half seven - just in time to head off again in the cars and get lost between there and a restaurant a mile away.
  • The quote was based on photographs taken of the cloak, as Steinhauser would not allow Graham to take the cloak to the menders, based in London.
  • A skilful patient mender will repair the cloth so that you simply cannot see where the hole was.


Middle English: shortening of amend.

  • Even though it is found slightly earlier, mend is thought to be a shortening of amend, which along with emend are recorded within a few years of each other. They all go back to Latin emendare ‘to free from faults, correct’.

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amend, append, apprehend, ascend, attend, befriend, bend, blend, blende, commend, comprehend, condescend, contend, defriend, depend, emend, end, expend, extend, fend, forfend, friend, impend, interdepend, lend, misapprehend, misspend, offend, on-trend, Oostende, Ostend, perpend, portend, rend, reprehend, scrag-end, send, spend, subtend, suspend, tail end, tend, transcend, trend, underspend, unfriend, upend, vend, weekend, wend

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