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Line breaks: mis|fire
Pronunciation: /mɪsˈfʌɪə


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  • 1(Of a gun or missile) fail to discharge or fire properly: as she raised her pistol again, it misfired
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    • In Saudi Arabia, it appeared the missiles misfired.
    • The gun misfires twice and the man is apprehended.
    • A dirty gun may misfire or malfunction at exactly the wrong time.
  • 1.1(Of an internal-combustion engine) undergo failure of the fuel to ignite correctly or at all: the car would misfire occasionally from the cold
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    • It did little other than cause the car to misfire as the temperature decrease seemed to crystallize the fuel.
    • He said there might have been a bit of water in the fuel causing my engine to misfire when I started the car.
    • The last 50 km we nearly ran out of fuel and the engine was misfiring.
  • 1.2(Of a nerve cell) fail to transmit an electrical impulse at an appropriate moment: as these nerves misfire and die, the muscles begin to shrink
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    • What happens in the disease is that the neurons or the brain cells are misfiring and not communicating well.
    • The actual cause is a mystery, but new brain-scanning techniques suggest that migraines happen because brain cells misfire then shut down, causing the arteries on that side of the brain to contract rapidly and cause pain.
    • Gambling also causes misfiring of the AAR pathway.


Pronunciation: /also ˈmɪs-
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  • 1A failure of a gun or missile to fire correctly: the weapons are to be replaced because of problems with misfires
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    • I might add that in my lot of 1936 era ammunition, most of the primers have gone bad so be careful if your experience a misfire or hang fire when using old military stores.
    • He must have had a misfire or failure to chamber a round because as he pressed the trigger, he shoved the rifle violently down, yanked his face away from the stock, and actually stumbled forward half a step.
    • Soldiers must know how to load, fire, clear and reduce stoppages and misfires on every crew-served weapon.
  • 1.1A failure of fuel to ignite correctly in an internal-combustion engine: he drove into the pits to have a misfire cured
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    • It could have been an even better result had they not lost time on the first loop of stages with a misfire, which was cured at first service.
    • Giancarlo had a small problem in the fuel cell that caused fuel pressure drops and an engine misfire towards the end of each run.
    • We had a vibrating rear hub and a misfire in free practice, but cured those.

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