Definition of misplay in English:

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Pronunciation: /mɪsˈpleɪ/


[with object]
Play (a ball or card) wrongly, badly, or in contravention of the rules: both balls were misplayed figurative Labour’s leaders misplayed their hand last week
More example sentences
  • One of those singles was due to the Queen's returner misplaying the ball near the goal line and having no choice but to concede the point.
  • He has shown a tendency to put his head down and slow down after misplaying balls, but that's more because he gets upset with himself.
  • The Irish industry seriously misplayed their cards and shot themselves in the foot.


Pronunciation: /mɪsˈpleɪ/
An instance of misplaying a ball or card: they scored twice, helped by misplays from the left fielder
More example sentences
  • Their decisive six-run first inning in Game 5, too, hinged on Oakland misplays - misplays in the late-afternoon light that somehow didn't trouble New York.
  • If there is a runner on first and the batter hits a ball down the right-field line, the scorer has to watch the ball and the fielder for a possible misplay.
  • But you can easily reason that in this case, Perez noticed Tails' misplay, and as a result, Perez took advantage of the misplay and scored a run.

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