Definition of mix something up in English:

mix something up

  • 1Spoil the order or arrangement of a collection of things: disconnect all the cables, mix them up then try to reconnect them
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    • Ok, now that we know some songs that go G, D, E minor, C, in that order, try mixing the order up!
    • Do the 5 programs in the suggested order, or mix it up and decide which one you want to do each day.
    • On the far wall, CDs teetered in jumbled piles, films, books and magazines were mixed up together in boxes and on shelves and clothes sat in haphazard heaps.
  • 2 (mix someone/thing up) Confuse someone or something with another person or thing: I’d got her mixed up with her sister
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    • But mixing him up with a drunken old left-wing hippie, now that is a worthwhile story.
    • I think someone has mixed us up with the east coast or something.
    • ‘I don't know why he always mixes us up,’ I said to my mom helplessly.
    confuse, get confused, muddle, muddle up, get muddled up, get jumbled up, scramble, mistake
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