There are 2 main definitions of mud in English:

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mud 1

Pronunciation: /mʌd/


1 [mass noun] Soft, sticky matter resulting from the mixing of earth and water: ankle deep in mud, we squelched across a meadow [as modifier]: mud huts
More example sentences
  • It is sadly the case that deep ruts filled with mud and water make such journeys very hazardous.
  • Looking around, he seemed to be in a mud brick hut.
  • Clumps of dried mud caked his legs to above the knee.
mire, sludge, slush, ooze, silt, clay, gumbo, dirt, soil;
Scottish & Northern English  clart;
Irish  slob
2Information or allegations regarded as damaging or scandalous: the two sides took over the local media to throw mud at each other
More example sentences
  • "She wanted to get back at the Japanese companies who had slung mud on her face.
  • Far easier to sling mud from a distance as some seem content to do.
  • There are too many critics who revel in slinging mud and inflicting verbal pain.



drag someone/thing through the mud

Slander or denigrate someone or something publicly: our names have been dragged through the mud
More example sentences
  • Angela had only agreed to meet with Deidre to politely tell her she wouldn't be a part of dragging her brother through the mud as a cheap publicity stunt.
  • I am very angry over the way I've been treated because I feel my name has been dragged through the mud to spare Celtic's blushes.
  • In the last few days my good name has been dragged through the mud.

here's mud in your eye!

informal Expressing good wishes before drinking.

mud sticks

Disparaging or malicious allegations are difficult to disprove or shake off: it would be easy to dismiss the story as a clumsy smear attempt, but mud sticks
More example sentences
  • After suffering a week of intensely personal attacks on his character, he denied lying but confessed to a fear that mud sticks nonetheless.
  • The campaign is careful to distance itself from the comments and apologised, but election-watchers know that mud sticks.
  • These "explanations" are usually preposterously contorted exercises but as long as the mud sticks they serve their purpose.

someone's name is mud

informal Someone is in disgrace or unpopular: if anything goes wrong, my name will be mud
More example sentences
  • Then along comes the county courthouse, talking about running up a $232 million tab, and all of a sudden your name is mud.
  • He likely realizes his name is mud around the Defense Department these days.
  • Listen to me young lady, if you don't bring those grades up by the next test or quiz in those subjects then your name is mud.

up to mud

Australian informal Not satisfactory; not good enough: our present system is up to mud
More example sentences
  • A local cynic reckons they're up to mud.
  • Things are up to mud in Native Affairs here.
  • There is very little water for either washing or drinking, and no drinks left in the canteen except Sarilla — which is up to mud.


Late Middle English: probably from Middle Low German mudde.

  • German probably gave mud to English, in the Middle Ages. The expression someone's name is mud, ‘someone is in disgrace or unpopular’, draws on an 18th- and 19th-century slang use of mud meaning ‘a stupid or foolish person’. As clear as mud is found from the early 19th century; drag through the mud arose in the mid 19th century, and mud sticks is recorded from the late 19th century. Here's mud in your eye, said before drinking, dates from the 1920s. Muddle (Late Middle English) originally meant ‘wallow in mud’.

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There are 2 main definitions of mud in English:

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Pronunciation: /mʌd/

noun (plural MUDs)

A computer-based text or virtual reality game which several players play at the same time, interacting with each other as well as with characters controlled by the computer.


1980s: from multi-user dungeon or multi-user dimension.

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