Definition of myself in English:


Line breaks: my¦self
Pronunciation: /mʌɪˈsɛlf
, mɪˈsɛlf


[first person singular]
1 [reflexive] Used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition when he or she is the subject of the clause: I hurt myself by accident I strolled around, muttering to myself
More example sentences
  • And yet part of me worries that to see myself as the subject of my own life story is in some way selfish.
  • So when I was younger I bought some books on wine and educated myself on the subject.
  • If I fall and hurt myself on an iced pavement I will sue this Council till their eyes water.
2 [emphatic] I or me personally (used to emphasize the speaker): I myself am unsure how this problem should be handled I wrote it myself
More example sentences
  • The main objection to prostitution by most people, myself included, is a moral one.
  • I would write myself but apparently, it's very frowned upon to ask on your own behalf.
  • It was tempting to write this review myself in what is supposed to pass for Scots.
3 literary Used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself; I: myself presented to him a bronze sword


Old English me self, from me1 + self (used adjectivally); the change of me to my occurred in Middle English.


(not) be myself

by myself

see by oneself at by.

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