Definition of nauseous in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈnɔːsɪəs/


1Affected with nausea; feeling inclined to vomit: a rancid odour that made him nauseous
More example sentences
  • A day later I became nauseous, was vomiting, and I started bumping into the wall - I couldn't walk straight.
  • He had felt nauseous, wanted to vomit and, most distressing, felt he was ‘going mad’ and about to die.
  • Plus, she had been feeling queasy and nauseous.
sick, nauseated, queasy, bilious, sick to one's stomach, green, green about/at the gills, ill, unwell, bad;
seasick, carsick, airsick, travel-sick
informal about to throw up
North American informal barfy
Australian informal chunderous
rare qualmish
2Causing nausea: the smell was nauseous
More example sentences
  • It wasn't that he was afraid of blood, on the contrary, but too much blood, exposed organs, and raw flesh with that nauseous stench could already make him sick.
  • The bonfires can be seen burning at various times throughout the day and night, with the resulting nauseous effluvia blowing towards the two local schools and several housing estates.
  • Those who remain loyal to Franklin survive on nauseous lichen scraped from the arctic rocks, or by boiling their own boots; others resort to cannibalism.
2.1Disgusting or offensive: this nauseous account of a court case
More example sentences
  • It has every predictable, nauseous feel-good film cliche in it.
sickening, nauseating, stomach-turning, stomach-churning, emetic, sickly;
disgusting, revolting, repulsive, repellent, repugnant, offensive, loathsome, abhorrent, odious, obnoxious, nasty, foul, vile, appalling, abominable;
North American  vomitous
informal sick-making, ghastly, putrid, horrid, God-awful, gross, gut-churning, yucky
British informal beastly
Northern Irish informal bogging
Australian informal chunderous
vulgar slang crappy
literary noisome
archaic disgustful, loathly



Example sentences
  • Suddenly I was coming back to Earth in a whirl of colours and bewilderment, leaning over the sink nauseously.
  • Just the smell made his stomach churn nauseously.
  • I look out a nearby window, nauseously watching the world whirl.


Example sentences
  • The thought scared me to the point of nauseousness.
  • Seeing the open gates, I fought the feelings of déjà vu and nervous nauseousness that were rising in my chest.
  • She had a sudden urge to puke and the rashness in Derek's driving added to her nauseousness.


Early 17th century: from Latin nauseosus (from nausea 'seasickness').

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