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Pronunciation: /nɛkst/


1(Of a time) coming immediately after the time of writing or speaking: we’ll go to Corfu next year next week’s Cup Final
More example sentences
  • UK Coal says it will make a decision on Selby's future within the next two months.
  • I hope those who meet to consider York's future next month reflect on this salutary tale.
  • This code provided the model for all subsequent regulations over the next four centuries.
1.1(Of a day of the week) nearest (or the nearest but one) after the present: not this Wednesday, next Wednesday [postpositive]: on Monday next
More example sentences
  • The second semi-annual fair of the American Book Trade Association will be opened on Monday next in Clinton Hall, Astor place.
  • Apple's next event is scheduled for March 6th, next Thursday.
1.2(Of an event) occurring directly after the present one in time, without anything of the same kind intervening: campaigning for the next election next time I’ll bring a hat
More example sentences
  • The next event was the big dinner at night organized by the Fellowship and the Centre.
  • The next event is a French supper and cabaret night organised by the Twinning Society.
  • The executive was pushing for an expiration date that coincided with the premiere of the next episode.
2Coming immediately after the present one in order, rank, or space: the woman in the next room the next chapter building materials were next in importance
More example sentences
  • Be sure to call to St Ita's Hall next Friday to place your order for the next batch.
  • As we laid our flower and moved away to make space for the next person, tears welled up in most of us.
  • You collect three of these cards, and you get a free large pizza with your next order.
neighbouring, adjacent, adjoining, next-door, bordering, abutting;
contiguous, connected, connecting, attached;
closest, nearest, proximate


1On the first or soonest occasion after the present; immediately afterwards: he wondered what would happen next next, I heard the sound of voices
More example sentences
  • However, you may care to bear the existence of this book in mind when next you need a present for a bookish friend.
  • Euro 2008 might be good for Scotland, but would you use that as an excuse when next you dealt with the bank?
  • But CJ tells me I have to be nice to him when he comes round to mow their lawns next.
then, after this/that, following that/this, after, afterwards, after that time, later, at a later time, subsequently, at a subsequent time
formal thereafter, thereupon
2 [with superlative] Following in the specified order: Jo was the next oldest after Martin
More example sentences
  • The link to go the the next oldest page of past reports has disappeared.
  • Some of these projects might never be completed, and no one can really say what will be the world's next tallest building for any length of time.


The next person or thing: the week after next
More example sentences
  • To refer to the Monday in the week after next, the most common and well-understood usage is "a week from Monday."
  • The next to appear was his on-and-off wife, but then she was taken out of the scene, brutally murdered.
  • The next he heard a bump and saw a propeller flying away from the plane.


(a next) West Indian
Another: every year sales down by a next ten per cent again
More example sentences
  • All of a sudden everybody just run off the stage and it's a next reggae artist.
  • What I'm trying to eradicate out of the Jamaica team and the West Indies team is people hiding behind people and playing in people's shadow and marvelling in a next one's success.



next in line

Immediately below the present holder of a position in order of succession: he is next in line to the throne
More example sentences
  • They feel that the job should have gone to a white male, long rumored to be next in line for the position.
  • If O'Driscoll is ruled out, then D' Arcy's position becomes vacant and Anthony Horgan is next in line.
  • Thus, his brother and his heirs would have been next in line.

next to

1In or into a position immediately to one side of; beside: we sat next to each other
More example sentences
  • At one point outside the pavilion I was sat next to five other players in our side who were all aged under 18.
  • Misunderstood by his owners, he chose to wander to our side of the yard and sit next to me on the back step.
  • As she sat there, an elderly woman came and sat on the bench next to her, causing her to shift position and look up.
beside, next door to, alongside, by/at the side of, abreast of, by, adjacent to, cheek by jowl with, side by side with;
close to, near, nearest to, neighbouring, adjoining, abutting;
connected to, connecting with, contiguous with, attached to
2Following in order or importance: next to buying a new wardrobe, nothing lifts the spirits like a new hairdo!
More example sentences
  • Next to getting healthy, going green is the number one thing on everyone's mind.
  • Purchasing a vehicle is the second biggest purchase a woman is likely to make next to buying a home.
3Almost: I knew next to nothing about farming
More example sentences
  • The motorway and bridge were closed as billowing smoke left visibility on the road at next to nothing.
  • If it keeps depreciating at current levels by the time we reach 2050 it will be worth next to nothing.
  • They promise a percentage of a big transfer, but the player receives next to nothing.
4In comparison with: next to her I felt like a fraud
More example sentences
  • Compared with Spain it is garbage, next to Italy it is humble and alongside Germany it stands as an equal.
  • The fanatics, dare I say it, were quite pacific next to those who guarded money and property.

the next world

(According to some religious beliefs) the place where one goes after death.
Example sentences
  • The presence of food in a tomb, however, is a pretty clear indication that its occupant is expected to have a chance to take a snack after death, in the next world, and thus points to some kind of religious belief.
  • This is one of those programs that demonstrates eternal life is not just a religious hope for the next world but a fact in this one.
  • Each believes that if he could kill the other, his path to paradise in the next world would be even swifter.
the hereafter, life after death, the afterlife, the life to come, the afterworld, the beyond;
immortality, eternity, heaven, paradise

what next (or whatever next)

Used to express surprise or amazement: ‘Blunt instruments! Murder! Whatever next?’
More example sentences
  • When he said Poppy's tree had been stolen I was relieved the dogs were ok, then I just thought with all we have been through, whatever next?
  • Fancy stopping the train to pick up passengers - whatever next?
  • There's even talk that junior ministers might have to start sharing limousines - whatever next?


Old English nēhsta 'nearest', superlative of nēah 'nigh'; compare with Dutch naast and German nächste.

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