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nigh Line breaks: nigh

Definition of nigh in English:

adverb, preposition, & adjective

1 archaic or , literary Near: [as adjective]: the end is nigh [as adverb]: they drew nigh unto the city
More example sentences
  • Thus, my look and in depth coverage of Roman cuisine draws nigh to a close.
  • I suppose time will tell what happens as the date draws nigh.
  • But with Election Day drawing nigh once more, guess who is promising what once again?
2Almost: [as adverb]: a car weighing nigh on two tons
More example sentences
  • I think it is nigh on impossible to remove religious teaching from the classroom (at least for the foreseeable future).
  • The only thing close to getting the media coverage that race relations has been getting for nigh on two months was what to do about superannuation.
  • The third, John, hasn't seen the other two for nigh on 20 years, having started a family and taken on the responsibilities that go with it.
well-nigh, almost, nearly, just about, more or less, practically, virtually, all but, as good as, next to, close to, near, to all intents and purposes, approaching, bordering on, verging on, nearing, about;
roughly, approximately;
informal pretty nearly, pretty much, pretty well


Old English nēh, nēah, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch na, German nah. Compare with near.

Words that rhyme with nigh

ally, Altai, apply, assai, awry, ay, aye, Baha'i, belie, bi, Bligh, buy, by, bye, bye-bye, chi, Chiangmai, Ciskei, comply, cry, Cy, Dai, defy, deny, Di, die, do-or-die, dry, Dubai, dye, espy, eye, fie, fly, forbye, fry, Frye, goodbye (US goodby), guy, hereby, hi, hie, high, I, imply, I-spy, July, kai, lie, lye, Mackay, misapply, my, nearby, Nye, outfly, passer-by, phi, pi, pie, ply, pry, psi, Qinghai, rai, rely, rocaille, rye, scry, serai, shanghai, shy, sigh, sky, Skye, sky-high, sly, spin-dry, spry, spy, sty, Sukhotai, supply, Tai, Thai, thereby, thigh, thy, tie, Transkei, try, tumble-dry, underlie, Versailles, Vi, vie, whereby, why, wry, Wye, xi, Xingtai, Yantai
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