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1Not having a physical or material form: while e-texts are non-material, they must be read through a material object
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  • Information is a nonmaterial entity and this is the first time that a law of nature has been formulated for a mental concept.
  • Non-material infrastructures are required: human capital, research, technology.
  • The forms taken by kinetic art are, unsurprisingly, very diverse, given that the nature of the art is non-material.
1.1Involving or concerned with the needs of the mind, spirit, or intellect: a public realm upholding non-material values
More example sentences
  • He attacked the prevailing consensus about progress on the grounds that it failed to respect individuality, promote ethical behaviour or preserve non-material values.
  • Thus, physical possessions (e.g., wealth) were seen as a means of attaining nonmaterial desires (e.g., helping others).
  • In both cases large, impersonal, bureaucratic structures proved incapable of responding to the needs of a more diverse population and their non-material aspirations.

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