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Line breaks: nought
Pronunciation: /nɔːt


The digit 0.
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  • When the money came through, I went to the cash machine, pressed that little button and saw all the noughts come up at the end.
  • Smailes added: ‘It will add two or three noughts to the value of a painting.’
  • In pre-euro days, Italians had little confidence in the lira - and no wonder, with all those absurd noughts that required a focusing of the eyes on the dinner bill.
nil, zero, 0;
Tennis love;
Cricket a duck
dated cipher


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variant spelling of naught.
More example sentences
  • It is home where the criminal attitude of the children towards women could be prevented and thus the crimes against women in the future could be brought to nought.
  • Their good work was set at nought a minute later when Kildare lost the ball in midfield and senior midfielder Martin McGrath raced through to stick the ball in the net four minutes from the interval.
  • But the fact the Cowboys had never beaten the Broncos counted for nought last weekend.
nothing, nothing at all, naught;
no point, no purpose, no effect, no end result;
Northern English nowt
British informal damn all, not a sausage
North American informal zip, nada, a goose egg
British vulgar slang bugger all, fuck all, sod all



More example sentences
  • The house is filling up again - graduate students (myself included) returning for noughth week.

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