Definition of nowhere in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈnəʊwɛː/


Not in or to any place; not anywhere: plants and animals found nowhere else in the world the constable was nowhere to be seen
More example sentences
  • You could be living anywhere or nowhere and not at the end of a very sick River Murray.
  • Even people who usually have three or four parties to go to were invited nowhere or purposely decided to stay in.
  • With nowhere left to run, Massood's margin for error is very thin.


1No place: there was nowhere for her to sit there’s nowhere better to experience the wonders of the Pyrenees
More example sentences
  • Her own students and other children in the area had nowhere to gain ensemble experience and it was too far to travel to Sydney so she began her own local string group.
  • Experience shows that nowhere is too small to host activities against the war.
  • Otherwise we will suffer a similar a fate to that experienced by the boatpeople - adrift, unwanted and with nowhere to call home.
2A place that is remote, uninteresting, or nondescript: a stretch of road between nowhere and nowhere
More example sentences
  • Cameron stood on the porch, looking out into nowhere, feeling particularly cowardly and ineffectual.
  • Far behind them, a cold, dead planet spun through space on a straight line path that led from nowhere to nowhere among the stars.
  • Nothing leads to nothing, Nowhere stretches to nowhere.


[attributive] informal
Having no prospect of progress or success: a nowhere job
More example sentences
  • To give a very small example of a loose end that bothered me, what does Seb mean when he says ‘you worked the nowhere vases’?
  • Home was often a nowhere place, and identities were confused and reliant on legislation and mediation.
  • It's in some pound in the middle of industrial hell nowhere zone, miles away, and it's going to cost £190 to get it back.



be (or come) nowhere

Be badly beaten or completely unsuccessful: as historical recreation the film was interesting, as cinema it was nowhere
More example sentences
  • Soon after a few rounds of counting, he realised that he was nowhere in the race.
  • We are told that football is a tough, competitive sport; winning is everything and second is nowhere.
  • Keane was nowhere, producing one of his most disappointing performances in a big game for United.

from (or out of) nowhere

Appearing or happening suddenly and unexpectedly: they came from nowhere to win in the last three strokes of the race
More example sentences
  • Suddenly Burton appeared from nowhere by shoving Abbey out the way.
  • A niece had suddenly appeared from nowhere and said that it was a disgrace that her uncle had been neglected.
  • Such plant life seems to appear out of nowhere when the snow and ice recede.

get (or go) nowhere

Make no progress: he’ll get nowhere with her, he’s too young
More example sentences
  • For instance there are stairs that go nowhere and hallways that go nowhere.
  • For the Tories, the depressing news is that they are going nowhere when they need to be making progress.
  • Provincial officials held talks with industry leaders but the talks went nowhere, said Tom Hickey of the Insurance Brokers Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.

get someone nowhere

Be of no use or benefit to someone: being angry would get her nowhere
More example sentences
  • The fence alone has already cost the council upwards of £20,000 and has got us nowhere.
  • We've already had an inquest and court cases, and investigations and it's got us nowhere.
  • In the end, the IRA gave up bombing because it got them nowhere.

lead nowhere

Fail to progress or succeed: their investigations often lead nowhere
More example sentences
  • This line of argument leads nowhere.
  • This story is not only interrupted several times, but leads nowhere.
  • Further arguing of his case led nowhere.

the middle of nowhere

informal A place that is very remote: we got lost in the middle of nowhere

nowhere near

Not nearly: he’s nowhere near as popular as he used to be
More example sentences
  • It is still quite a big car, although nowhere near as heavy, and offers plenty of ride performance and comfort.
  • What one thinks is certainly important, but nowhere near as important as how one thinks.
  • The evidence for a causal link between video games and violence is nowhere near as solid as Grossman maintains.

a road to nowhere

A situation or course of action offering no prospects of progress or advancement.
Example sentences
  • I think Chris is on a road to nowhere with this one, partly because how you view Chomsky's assertion depends to a great extent on which evidence you accept and how much weight you attach to it, but mainly because I think he's wrong.
  • Sandy Moffat (Seven Days, November 26) posed the question: is art on a road to nowhere?
  • Having been part of a few meandering relationships in recent years, that have ultimately been a trip on a road to nowhere, I'm not counting on anything just yet.


Old English nāhwǣr (see no, where).

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