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Line breaks: ogre
Pronunciation: /ˈəʊɡə


1(In folklore) a man-eating giant.
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  • Ella's journey to find a way to break the spell has its own dangers as she meets up with elves, ogres, giants, fairies, and of course a very charming prince.
  • A comic-fantasy-adventure filled with magic and music, ogres and elves, giants and wicked stepsisters, the film revisits a classic fairy-tale world with a distinctly 21st century twist.
  • When you're a kid, you grow up on fairy tales, witches and giants and ogres.
monster, giant, troll, bogeyman, bogey, demon, devil
archaic bugbear
1.1A cruel or terrifying person: it is clear that I am no ogre
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  • In fact, for all that he has been painted in some quarters as a manipulative ogre, one criticism that might be levelled at him is that he is too soft.
  • You visit a lot of cities when you're being chased by a giant marketing ogre.
  • It was then that Congress, under the leadership of those great ogres, voted by veto-proof majorities to end the arms embargo.
brute, fiend, monster, beast, devil, demon, barbarian, savage, sadist, animal, tyrant, villain, scoundrel
informal bastard, swine, pig
vulgar slang shit
archaic blackguard


early 18th century: from French, first used by the French writer Perrault in 1697.



(also ogrish) adjective
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  • I tend to ignore them, after an initial smile to show I'm not entirely ogrish.
  • The death of my wife seems to have made me a little… ogrish.
  • His face contorted in fury at the murder of his kinsmen, and with a shrill cry he leapt at the nearest of the ogrish guards.

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