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old man Line breaks: old man

Definition of old man in English:


1An elderly male person.
Example sentences
  • He seemed to know of the book, but it's difficult to tell with old men, especially old men who don't get much company.
  • It won't matter how young or old you are, our secret police enforcers are especially good at roughing up frail old men.
  • In the park outside, an old olive grove, people dozed or picnicked under the trees, and a group of old men played boules.
senior citizen, pensioner, OAP, elder, elderly man, grandfather;
Scottish & Irish bodach
informalgreybeard, gaffer, old codger, old boy, old chap, old geezer, old bloke, wrinkly
British informalbuffer, josser
North American informalold coot
archaicgrandsire, ancient
1.1 (one's old man) informal A person’s father or a woman’s husband or boyfriend: when her old man left she moved in with Drummond
More example sentences
  • Its great to drink with your old man on fathers day
  • So, your old man's a fraud
  • Give your old man a kiss
husband, man
informalhubby, better half
British informalother half
humorouslord and master
1.2 (the old man) informal A man in authority over others, especially an employer or commanding officer: the old man wants a progress report
More example sentences
  • Dressed, we walked down to the office where the old man was already pouring a drink.
  • Willie takes over the business but admits the old man as silent partner, as the two younger daughters become free to marry.
  • And not to forget that as long as the old man is still the President of Swapo, all of us are actually financing the activities of Swapo.
informalhead honcho
British informalgaffer, guv'nor
North American informalsachem
1.3British informal An affectionate form of address between men or boys: are you all right, old man?
More example sentences
  • When asked by a policeman why he did it he replied, ‘sheer high spirits, old man.’
  • Between you and me, old man, I'm glad they got me before it went any further.
  • Well, they are your patrons, old man, so they do have some right to demand work from you.
1.4 informal Used with a surname instead of Mr: old man Roberts
More example sentences
  • The courtesans gathered, musicians played, and a feast like none had before witnessed was prepared to welcome back the Prince and to celebrate old man Clemantini.
2 another term for southernwood.
Example sentences
  • There's a good cover of eucalyptus gum trees, lots of old man salt bush and we have a thirty mile frontage onto the Barwon River.

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