There are 2 main definitions of op in English:


Line breaks: op


1A surgical operation: a minor op
More example sentences
  • More worrying is that they are encouraged to use national health beds and operating theaters to do private ops the next day.
  • Next month, she will have been off booze and cocaine for three years and ops to rebuild her nose have been a success.
  • ‘It varies from traumatic amputation landmine injuries, gunshot wounds, motor vehicle accidents or elective cases through to minor ops,’ he said.
1.1 (ops) Military operations: [as modifier]: the ops room
More example sentences
  • I'm not sure why, other than many critics don't know squat about military ops.
  • Third, I think it's interesting to note that the CIA is one of the leading employers taking personnel away from military special ops.
  • Weather has a huge impact on military ops, ‘from the mud to the sun’ as they say.
2A radio or telephone operator.
More example sentences
  • (He was an air OP in the war and has just finished a stint as officer in charge of Windsor Castle.)
  • When you have those ops interconnected with each other, you are going to get quality problems, and I think that's one of the major issues at the moment.
  • It's a tricky equation - one few cable ops can afford to lose.

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There are 2 main definitions of op in English:


Line breaks: OP


1.1(In the theatre) opposite prompt.
More example sentences
  • The staging was such that the trees were drip-fed onto the stage from the downstage OP corner, with those in the downstage line receiving the trees and then passing them back to the assorted soldiers and villagers behind them.
More example sentences
  • Bicknell referred, long before they were commonly known about, to organophosphorous (OP) compounds.
  • The EPA should be able to reduce OP risks in major children's foods like apples, pears, grapes, peaches, green beans, and tomatoes by 98 percent or more by targeting actions against just a half-dozen higher-risk OP pesticides.
  • If you've read my op on human evolution, you may notice I contradict myself a little, as in this op I argue for human evolution being at a relative stand-still, whereas in the other I make a case for it being faster than ever.
1.3(In the Roman Catholic Church) Order of Preachers (Dominican).
[Latin Ordo Praedicatorum]
More example sentences
  • Maciej Zieba, OP, Hittinger himself, and others gave lectures on Catholic social thought to two dozen senior undergraduate and graduate students from America and Eastern Europe.
  • Jackie Hudson, OP, 67, entered the Grand Rapids Dominicans on Sept.8, 1952.
  • Ardeth Platte, OP, 66, became a Grand Rapids Dominican Sister on Sept.8, 1954.
1.4(On Internet forums, message boards, comment pages, etc.) original post (or poster).
More example sentences
  • But the OP doesn't tell me what's going to make him and his wife happy with the outcome, either together or apart.
  • Oops, upon closer inspection of the OP, I see you weren't looking for a "blame" song.
  • The OP has stated that a long-term relationship is his goal, so your advice isn't good in this case.

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