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Line breaks: over|ride


Pronunciation: /əʊvəˈrʌɪd
(past overrode; past participle overridden) [with object]
  • 2Interrupt the action of (an automatic device), typically in order to take manual control: you can override the cut-out by releasing the switch
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    • Again this is a situation where you need to override an automatic camera and set the controls manually.
    • The operator has the option of overriding the sensor automatically selected by the operational software.
    • And finally, on manual transmission vehicles, the clutch pedal ignition lock is overridden so the starter can be used without pushing in the clutch after stopping on a hill.
  • 3 technical Extend over; overlap: the external rendering should not override the damp-proof membrane
  • 4Travel or move over: (as noun overriding) overriding by vehicles is implicated in over half the cases of footway damage
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    • We have identified seven such lateral moraines that were overridden by the expansion and growth of the Fennoscandian ice sheet.


Pronunciation: /ˈəʊvərʌɪd
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  • 1A device for suspending an automatic function on a machine: the flash has to have a manual override to be useful
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    • Most automatic fixtures have manual overrides should the sensors fail to function properly, manufacturers say.
    • The moonwalkers were not opposed to increased use of automation, but they still wanted manual backups and overrides.
    • The Earthlink system just automates it, but the manual override is always available by logging into webmail.
  • 2An excess or increase on a budget, salary, or cost: commission overrides give established carriers an unfair advantage
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    • At some point in the political evolution of the Charter, it will be worthwhile to encourage a more reasoned public and political understanding of the override than currently exists.
    • In other words, adopt interpretations that will provoke a legislative override that will make it clear what the legislature really wants today.
  • 3chiefly US A cancellation of a decision by exertion of authority or winning of votes: the House vote in favour of the bill was 10 votes short of the requisite majority for an override
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    • The Kansas legislature is likely to try to override the veto, and unless some legislators change their votes, the override will pass.
    • The president had veto power over any bill passed by Congress, subject to a congressional override by a two-thirds vote of each house.
    • After Wednesday's vote the Governor's pledged consequences for the override.

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