Definition of overthrow in English:

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verb (past overthrew; past participle overthrown)

Pronunciation: /əʊvəˈθrəʊ/
[with object]
1Remove forcibly from power: military coups which had attempted to overthrow the King
More example sentences
  • Didn't you just say a military general who comes to power by forcibly overthrowing the legitimate government of a nation is an illegitimate leader?
  • When the powers that be were overthrown, the rebels took their vengeance out on the Jews, whom they saw as collaborators with the former regime.
  • Spain and Portugal lost most of their colonies - some falling to rival European powers, but most overthrown by revolution among their settler-descended populations.
remove (from office/power), bring down, bring about the downfall of, topple, bring low, undo, depose, oust, displace, supplant, unseat, subvert, dethrone, disestablish, dissolve
informal defenestrate
put an end to, defeat, conquer, displace, break up, subvert, annihilate, dissolve
1.1Put an end to (something) by the use of force: their subversive activities are calculated to overthrow parliamentary democracy
More example sentences
  • These conflicts must not be overlooked, for we are confronted by powerful forces eager to overthrow the basic premises of the Enlightenment.
  • They would create some kind of great force that would overthrow the old order.
  • The classic Newtonian view of gravity as a simple force between objects was overthrown by Einstein's vision of gravity as the result of objects warping space and time.
1.2 archaic Knock or throw to the ground: one who is already prostrate cannot be overthrown
More example sentences
  • There, in each pediment, were figures engaged in combat — some overthrown and prostrate — others sinking to their knees, and covering their heads with their shields.
2Throw (a ball) further than the intended distance: he grips the ball too tight and overthrows it
More example sentences
  • He was overthrowing, keeping the ball up, trying too hard to win every game.
  • He is best when he keeps the ball down; overthrowing and muscling up usually result in more high, hitable pitches.
  • When he has fallen behind hitters, he has overthrown, trying to blow his fastball past hitters.
2.1chiefly North American Throw a ball beyond (a receiving player): Dodge overthrew a receiver in the end zone
More example sentences
  • His performance has been steady, but he also has overthrown several open receivers on plays that should have gone for touchdowns.
  • He was trying to get the ball to tight end Charlie Young, but he overthrew him.


Pronunciation: /ˈəʊvəθrəʊ/
1 [in singular] A removal from power: plotting the overthrow of the government
More example sentences
  • A violent act by a slave against a white person could never be just that; it always carried with it the implicit threat of slave rebellion and the overthrow of white power.
  • Its central theme is the struggle between love and power, the overthrow of a world gripped by greed and oppression, and its replacement by one ruled by freedom and benevolence.
  • Early last century, the Bolshevik was plotting the overthrow of capitalism.
2(In cricket, baseball, and other games) a throw which sends a ball past its intended recipient or target.
Example sentences
  • His first incompletion was an overthrow of a deep ball that would've made it eight in a row and three touchdowns.
  • Numerous overthrows, wides and no balls showed the drawbacks inherent in blind cricket.
  • In the mentioned situation, the act of handing the ball to the boy is the same as an overthrow into dead territory.
2.1A score made because the ball has been overthrown: his throw missed the stumps and went for four overthrows
More example sentences
  • Vaughan played the ball down to third man and, as the players completed a quick two, Akram's wild throw took the ball far out of the reach of the wicketkeeper and straight to the boundary for four overthrows.
  • Vaughan was next in and off his second delivery he scored a five, playing Ormond to extra cover for a single and then picking up four overthrows as Sutcliffe aimed at the stumps and missed.
  • A ball just short of a length from Silverwood went over the top of Spearman's stumps but the right-hander responded with a boundary and soon afterwards there were four overthrows as Martyn aimed at the stumps and missed.
3A panel of decorated wrought-iron work above an arch or gateway.
Example sentences
  • The overthrow, particularly popular in the Baroque era commencing in the 17th century, refers to the crowning section of ornamental wrought iron work which forms a decorative crest above a wrought iron gate.
  • A large wrought-iron arched overthrow for double gates or doors, with Greek Revival motifs and laurel swags.

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