Definition of oxidize in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈɒksɪdʌɪz/
(also oxidise)


1Combine chemically with oxygen: [with object]: when coal is burnt any sulphur is oxidized to sulphur dioxide [no object]: the fats in the food will oxidize, turning it rancid
More example sentences
  • Blackened lead white can be treated by oxidizing but oxygen will tarnish any silver.
  • Many metals are readily oxidized by oxygen in the atmosphere.
  • When the iron oxidizes with any trace oxygen in the atmosphere, it turns red.
1.1 Chemistry Undergo or cause to undergo a reaction in which electrons are lost to another species: [with object]: iron ( ii) compounds are slowly oxidized by air to form iron ( iii) compounds [no object]: secondary alcohols oxidize to give ketones The opposite of reduce.
More example sentences
  • A species is oxidized in a reaction if it undergoes a increase in oxidation number.
  • They remove electrons from the species being oxidized and are themselves reduced.
  • In the process of decomposing, H2O2 releases free radicals - highly reactive intermediates that oxidize other molecules by removing electrons or hydrogen atoms from them.



Example sentences
  • As a consequence, the oxidation of other oxidizable aminoacids within the pocket has to be considered.
  • Under anaerobic conditions, however, E. coli is able to grow on citrate in the presence of an oxidizable co-substrate.
  • The readily oxidizable part of the sewage that gains access to a river is destroyed in the few first miles run.


Pronunciation: /ˌɒksɪdʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/
Example sentences
  • After slicing up the apricots and nectarines…… I read her next instruction: ‘Squeeze the lemon on the fruit to prevent oxidization.’
  • Compact discs, coated in a reflecting metal (usually aluminium) and sealed by a protective layer to prevent oxidization, are read by a precisely focused laser.
  • Upon oxidization, most of the structures are lost.


Pronunciation: /ˈɒksɪdʌɪzə/
Example sentences
  • This engine, like other hybrids, uses nitrous oxide as liquid oxidizer, but uses paraffin rather than rubber as the engine's solid fuel.
  • Potassium permanganate is an oxidizer and therefore a fire hazard.
  • Because it is an oxidizer, benzoyl peroxide may bleach clothing or other linens.
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