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party line

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1A policy, or the policies collectively, officially adopted by a political party: they rarely fail to toe the party line
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  • Fundamentally, the Act was designed to enhance the power of the party leaderships and ensure that MPs toed the party line.
  • Sectarian organizations with party lines and hierarchical, anti-democratic structures disrupt attempts to move forward collectively.
  • Most of them loyally toe the party line for the sake of their careers.
2A telephone line or circuit shared by two or more subscribers.
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  • It's like the difference between regular telephone lines and the old party lines that put a bunch of houses all on one line.
  • E. used to have the best job a gossip could hope for - telephone operator in a small town in the days of party lines.
  • These were all party lines on which everyone up and down the line could, and did, listen in!

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