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per Line breaks: per

Definition of per in English:


1For each (used with units to express a rate): he charges £2 per square yard
More example sentences
  • Her respiratory rate was 36 breaths per minute with rapid and shallow breathing.
  • The only evidence of the cost of repainting was expressed in terms of a rate per square metre.
  • The charge of this card per minute is a little bit higher than the monthly subscription model.
2 archaic By means of: send it per express
3 Heraldry Divided by a line in the direction of: per saltire


as per
Pronunciation: /ˌaz ˈpəː/
In accordance with: made as per instructions
More example sentences
  • Meanwhile, cook the noodles as per pack instructions, then drain, reserving some of the cooking liquid.
  • Two years ago, I bought a tree fern and potted it as per instructions.
  • The road was not widened in the last 15 days as per the police's comment in the report.
as per usual
Pronunciation: /ˌaz ˌpəː ˈjuːʒ(ʊ)əl/
As usual.
Example sentences
  • This summer, as per usual, they were a main attraction at gigs up and down New Zealand.
  • And, as per usual with any politician, the data appears to have been cherry-picked to create the worse possible scenario.
  • I'd been at a party, and had a few drinks, as per usual.


Latin, 'through, by means of'; partly via Old French.

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