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Pronunciation: /plan


  • 3A detailed map or diagram: a street plan
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    • The point of education is not to give pupils a street plan of their local district but a putative map of the world.
    • The plans should incorporate street furniture, paving, lighting and trees.
    • Oxford residents have expressed their anger at development plans on St Giles Street and at Keble College.
  • 3.1A drawing or diagram made by projection on a horizontal plane, especially one showing the layout of a building or one floor of a building. Compare with elevation ( sense 3).
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    • As per law, it is either the BMRDA or the BDA which have powers to approve the layouts and building plans.
    • While drawing up plans for city centre buildings, he often helped children with their school design projects.
    • Very few building plans are at a scale where internal arrangement can be properly read.
    blueprint, drawing, scale drawing, diagram, sketch, chart, map, layout, artist's impression; illustration, representation, delineation; North American plat
  • 3.2A diagram showing how something will be arranged: look at the seating plan
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    • You can, in fact, check seating plans through airline websites - if you know how to find them.
    • Know the seating plan and etiquette before boarding the company jet.
    • Tonight we're chilling after sorting out the seating plan and printing out the place cards for the wedding.
  • 3.3(In the Methodist Church) a document listing the preachers for all the services in a circuit during a given period.
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    • This page shows the preaching plan for our church for the forthcoming months.

verb (plans, planning, planned)

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  • 2Design or make a plan of (something to be made or built): she had planned the garden from scratch
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    • It is not necessary to have only indigenous plants when planning a xeriscape design.
    • We walked for miles here, thinking very thoroughly, talking, taking hundreds of photographs, planning the design.
    • I'm planning a couple of design changes to this blog, and rounded corners may well make an appearance in the new version.
    design, draw up a plan of, make a drawing of, draw up a layout of, sketch out, make a map of, map out, make a representation of; North American plat


someone's (or the) best plan

A person’s (or the) most sensible course of action: William’s best plan would be to get a job
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  • The Pakistan board wanted faster pitches for them but their best plan now would be to prepare turners.
  • Probably their best plan, however, is to ignore him and hope that no one will notice what he says.
  • The task force concluded that it's best plan of action is to have a ‘lean staffing model’ in which ‘excellence’ is placed ahead of volume and compensation is, thus, high.

go according to plan

Happen as one arranged or intended: if all goes according to plan, this money can be used as seed capital for a new business
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  • Everything had been planned for and everything went according to plan.
  • As a project manager, I know too well that when you operate in a tight time frame, no matter how much you plan, nothing goes according to plan.
  • But the married father-of-three, who has 22 years' experience, is confident that arrangements will go according to plan.

make a plan

South African Devise a way of overcoming difficulties: leave it to me—I’ll make a plan
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  • Just making a plan to overcome a problem often helps.
  • The organisers should make a plan for more people to access this play.
  • I even dreamed of some very forward thinking individual making a plan to reintroduce large carnivores to the eastern section of the park.

plan A (or plan B)

see A1, B1.

plan of action (or campaign or attack)

An organized programme of measures to be taken in order to achieve a goal.
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  • These five goals were discussed to determine a plan of action to achieve them.
  • With respect to the forethought phase of self-regulation, the primary participants continued to set goals and devise plans of action for navigating their college-level courses.
  • The document, however, failed to detail any environmental goals or plan of attack.


late 17th century: from French, from earlier plant 'ground plan, plane surface', influenced in sense by Italian pianta 'plan of building'. Compare with plant.

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