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Line breaks: plas|mo¦dium
Pronunciation: /plazˈməʊdɪəm

noun (plural plasmodia /-dɪə/)

  • 1A parasitic protozoan of a genus which includes those causing malaria.
    • Genus Plasmodium, phylum Sporozoa
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    • The genome of the malarial parasite - plasmodium falciparum was only completed two years ago.
    • Malaria is a serious illness transmitted by the ‘bite’ of the female Anopheles mosquito which has parasitic protozoa of the genus plasmodium falciparum, plasmodium malariae, plasmodium vivax.
    • Coluzzi's research indicates that the most serious type of malaria (known as plasmodium falciparum) reached Rome at about the time of Christ.
  • 2 Biology A form within the life cycle of some simple organisms such as slime moulds, typically consisting of a mass of protoplasm containing many nuclei.
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    • The haploid myxamoebae act as isogametes; individuals of different mating types pair and fuse to form diploid zygotes that develop into macroscopic, diploid plasmodia after repeated mitotic cycles without cell division.
    • P. polycephalum is a protist that in the course of its life cycle forms multinuclear giant single cells, so-called plasmodia that can be grown to almost any desired size.
    • The life cycle of Physarum includes two distinct vegetative forms: the haploid amoeba and the diploid plasmodium.



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  • In fungi, plasmodial slime mold displays a diploid life history.
  • Note that the life cycle of the wild type usually is diploid and mating of two haploid amoebae then is a prerequisite for plasmodial development and allows genetic analyses.
  • This channel, the plasmodial erythrocyte surface anion channel, is present at 1000-2000 functional copies/cell and is absent from uninfected RBCs.


late 19th century: modern Latin, based on late Latin plasma 'mould, formation'.

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