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Pronunciation: /pliːz


[with object]
  • 1Cause to feel happy and satisfied: he arranged a fishing trip to please his son [with object and infinitive]: it pleased him to be seen with someone in the news
    More example sentences
    • He said it pleased him, and he was flattered not offended…
    • When they told me where they lived I had no idea where Downpatrick was, and it pleased me that now I had a passing acquaintance with the place.
    • It pleased me somehow to be weathered by this deadly wind on my face and to be exposed to a gorgeous icy glare on this sunny afternoon.
    nice, agreeable, pleasant, pleasurable, satisfying, gratifying, welcome, good, acceptable, to one's liking, enjoyable, entertaining, amusing, delightful, fine
    informal lovely
    See also pleasant ( sense 1)
  • 1.1 [no object] Give satisfaction: she was quiet and eager to please
    More example sentences
    • Putting on your best smile and adopting a pleasant, helpful attitude you stand eager and ready to please, waiting for the onslaught of the great shopping public.
    • This was a shame, because the staff were friendly and eager to please, and that end of Blossom Street really could do with a top-notch little eatery to spice it up.
    • I find myself behaving like the good little Catholic boy I was raised to be: deferential, eager to please.
    friendly, amiable, pleasant, agreeable, affable, nice, genial, likeable, good-humoured, charming, engaging, winning, delightful
    informal lovely
    See also pleasant ( sense 2)
  • 1.2Satisfy aesthetically: he was wearing a buttonhole that did not quite please the eye
    More example sentences
    • They do not recognize how aesthetically pleasing your site is but rather will digest the content of your site to understand its subject matter.
    • Indeed, relocating a city to a more effective, attractive but perhaps less aesthetically pleasing location has its logical merits if it improves its strategic aims.
    • The participants would be bringing aesthetically pleasing furniture suitable for those living in tiny accommodations.
    make happy, give pleasure to, make someone pleased/glad/content, make someone feel good, delight, charm, amuse, divert, entertain, be agreeable to, gladden, cheer up; satisfy, gratify, humour, oblige, content, suit
    informal tickle pink
  • 2 (please oneself) Take only one’s own wishes into consideration in deciding how to act or proceed: this is the first time in ages that I can just please myself
    More example sentences
    • If you're just pleasing yourself, why not save it for home?
    • By the end of the week you feel much better, and paradoxically by pleasing yourself your partner is also satisfied.
    • All over the country, harassed parents are frantically trying to decide how to entertain their offspring, rather than pleasing themselves.
  • 2.1 [no object] Wish or desire to do something: feel free to wander around as you please
    More example sentences
    • People in life quote as they please, so we have the right to quote as we please.
    • Users of such indices can pick and choose as they please in this evolving garden of relationships.
    • But shoppers can't come and go as they please, nor can they always choose the food they want.
    like, want, wish, desire, see/think fit, choose, be inclined, will, prefer, opt
  • 2.2 (it pleases, pleased, etc., someone to do something) • dated It is someone’s choice to do something: instead of attending the meeting, it pleased him to go off hunting
    More example sentences
    • If it pleases you to advance and research this theory, then please the more power to you.
    • I realise today that although his last diaries are very interesting, they have been composed for Chertkov and those whom it pleases Mr Chertkov to show them!
    • While it pleases me to read the above comments and Mr. Conley's challenge, I'm also pleased to see William stand up for Michael.


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  • 1Used in polite requests or questions: please address letters to the Editor what type of fish is this, please?
    More example sentences
    • Would you ask the Minister to address the question please.
    • Would the Prime Minister please address the question.
    • These unnecessary asides only waste the time of the House, so would the Minister please just address the question.
  • 1.1Used to add urgency and emotion to a request: please, please come home!
    More example sentences
    • If you feel envy from his mind - well, I ask that you please ignore the emotion.
    • There's only a little over a week to decide. Please, please, please!
    • Please, please return to your original format.
  • 1.2Used to agree politely to a request: ‘May I ring you at home?’ ‘Please do.’
    More example sentences
    • Yes, Please Do Come In.
    • Actually, yes, please do erase everything on my ipod.
    • ‘Yes, yes, please do,’ I would coo soothingly, anxious not to disturb his flow.
  • 1.3Used in polite or emphatic acceptance of an offer: ‘Would you like a drink?’ ‘Yes, please.’
    More example sentences
    • Yes please Cath; that's the best offer I've had from any woman in months.
    • And she says yes, please, are you free this evening?
    • So yes please we tell the aged salesperson we'll have that one with 40 pounds off. ‘Ahh have you got an old fridge we can pick up then he asks’.
  • 1.4Used to ask someone to stop doing something of which the speaker disapproves: Rita, please—people are looking
    More example sentences
    • And please, stop emailing me asking when I am going to get your bio/picture up.
    • Many young people are, regrettably, disabled by illness or accident, so please will you stop and consider this before launching into a reprimand?
    • But please stop posting that particular conspiracy theory.
  • 1.5Used to express incredulity or irritation: Oh please, is that meant to be a serious argument?
    More example sentences
    • Oh, please. I've been reading some of the hubbub about our latest release on blogs here and there, and I have to say that some people simply need to take a pill.
    • Oh please! So Meg's foie gras post is up.


as —— as you please

informal Used to emphasize the manner in which someone does something, especially when this is seen as surprising: she walked forward as calm as you please
More example sentences
  • There I'd be driving along just as nice as you please and in the passenger seat the fellow would be bouncing up and down, up and down.
  • The staff are friendly without being saccharine and are quite willing to let you linger for as long as you please over a cup of coffee.
  • Stay as long as you please then, Mr. Benito, Mr. Kane.

if you please

  • 1Used in polite requests: follow me, if you please
    More example sentences
    • And you may follow, if you please, or keep to public streets.
    • Kindly draw the water while I change my dress, if you please.
    • I'll take another Martini, now, Sproat, if you please.
  • 2Used to express indignation at something perceived as unreasonable: she wants me to make fifty cakes in time for the festival, if you please!
    More example sentences
    • And of course, should Don Brash indicate that he is keen to become the next MP for Tamaki, I should expect Margaret and Tim to withdraw their nominations - gone by lunchtime, if you please…
    • We must adopt the promised land mindset, if you please.
    • A large plasma screen on the wall offered excellent TV reception, as well as high-speed Internet access using the wireless keyboard provided… at £5.99 per hour, if you please.

please yourself

Used to express indifference, especially when someone does not cooperate or behave as expected: ‘I can manage on my own.’ ‘Please yourself.’
More example sentences
  • Oh well please yourself!
  • Well, please yourself. They'll be there and us dead, very likely.


Middle English: from Old French plaisir 'to please', from Latin placere.

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