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Line breaks: pooh
Pronunciation: /puː
(also poo) informal


1Used to express disgust at an unpleasant smell: she would hold her nose and shout ‘Pooh!’
More example sentences
  • Pooh! Hold your nose.
  • Pooh, that stinks!
2Used to express impatience or contempt: Oh pooh! Don’t be such a spoilsport
More example sentences
  • She usually would say something along the lines of ‘oh poo!’
  • Oh Pooh! I almost had it!


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1 (usually poo) Excrement: mind the dog poo
More example sentences
  • Dog's pooh on Sligo's highways and byways will soon be a foul memory if the two local authorities have their way.
  • Fans of the Beano and Dandy are playing a host of tricks on unsuspecting customers, the Diary learns: fake dog poo, bangers in cigarettes, whoopee cushions, vile sweets and itching powder included.
  • My throat was so sore from gasping for breath that my laughs at animals humping people, people injuring themselves and children stepping in dog poo came out like coughs.
1.1 [count noun] An act of defecating.
More example sentences
  • And don't you think that actually it looks more like the crouching statue is doing a pooh?
  • ‘Ha,’ I muttered wickedly, ‘hope he does a pooh too so he'll have to change his nappy as well.’
  • Lou Lou did a poo on Amee's bed and Amee yelled at Rene like she yells at Joe, like she yelled at me once recently, it is really rather upsetting when Amee gets mad.


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(usually poo) Defecate.
More example sentences
  • When he does do something like greedily grab onto a bottle of milk with his mouth, it's an event worth getting all worked up about because it shows a glimmer of him being a wee person instead of a wriggling blob that poos.
  • That's pretty much all he does - he eats crickets, sleeps and poos.
  • The cat doesn't just poo, it seeks out those places most impregnated with the owner's scent and poos there.


natural exclamation: first recorded in English in the late 16th century.

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