Definition of populace in English:


Line breaks: popu|lace
Pronunciation: /ˈpɒpjʊləs


[treated as singular or plural]
The people living in a particular country or area: the party misjudged the mood of the populace
More example sentences
  • The commander's emergency response program is a program set up by the military to take care of humanitarian needs for the local populaces - needs that will make a quick and lasting impact on the community.
  • The paternalistic style of rule is unequal to the demands of transparency and accountability that local populaces - and overseas investors - want.
  • Finally, anthropologists since Eric Wolf's seminal work on brokers have observed bureaucracies encouraging patron-client relationships, both between bureaucrats and clients and within local populaces.
community, country, public, people, nation;
common people, general public, man/woman in the street, masses, multitude, rank and file, commonality, commonalty, third estate, plebeians, proletariat, crowd;
North American man/woman on the street
informal folk, common folk
British informal Joe Public, Joe Bloggs
North American informal John Doe
humorous denizens
derogatory the hoi polloi, common herd, rabble, mob, riff-raff, the canaille, the great unwashed, ragtag (and bobtail), proles, plebs
rare indigenes


late 16th century: from French, from Italian popolaccio 'common people', from popolo 'people' + the pejorative suffix -accio.

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