Definition of postmultiply in English:


Line breaks: post|multi¦ply
Pronunciation: /ˌpəʊstˈmʌltɪplʌɪ

verb (postmultiplies, postmultiplying, postmultiplied)

[with object] Mathematics
Multiply (a vector, matrix, or element of a group) non-commutatively by a following factor.
More example sentences
  • To test trait-specific effects, we need to introduce another matrix, T, which is used to postmultiply matrix B.
  • Given an n x n matrix A, it is always possible to find an n-element vector which postmultiplies A and gives an all zero result.
  • Similarly, postmultiplying Y by a J matrix creates a 6x3 matrix of row sums of Y (where each column is just a repeat of the same six row sums).



Pronunciation: /-ɪˈkɛɪʃ(ə)n/
More example sentences
  • Premultiplication and postmultiplication by a Givens matrix can be performed without computing a Givens matrix explicitly.
  • This method is slightly less efficient than postmultiplication and requires that the size of Vector v must equal the number of rows in Matrix m.

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