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Line breaks: pre|tend
Pronunciation: /prɪˈtɛnd


1 [with clause or infinitive] Behave so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not: I closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep she turned the pages and pretended to read
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  • They could pretend that they in fact had hands toughened by manual labor in the somewhat mythical Australian outback.
  • The good thing about a BlackBerry is you can read a message and pretend that you haven't seen it.
  • They could in fact merely be pretending not to be Masons.
make as if, profess, affect;
dissimulate, dissemble, pose, posture, put it on, put on a false front, go through the motions, sham, fake it
informal kid
1.1Engage in an imaginative game or fantasy: children pretending to be grown-ups
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  • This fantasy allows us to pretend that where we are does not matter, and that what we do daily is a minor narrative that does not count.
  • Francis loses both daughter and wife and constructs a fantasy life to pretend that Lisa is somehow still alive.
  • Back then I used to play games and pretend I was a secret agent and such.
put on an act, make believe, play at, act, play-act, pass oneself off as, bluff, impersonate
1.2 [with object] Give the appearance of feeling or possessing (an emotion or quality); simulate: she pretended a greater surprise than she felt
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  • Lodovico, with Brabanzio's brother Graziano, hears the wounded men: Iago, feigning to help, stabs Roderigo, then pretends horror on finding him dead.
  • Each of us (we're men here) pretends appreciation for the way she slips from point to point.
  • Even pretended disinterest can destroy thought, or pretended interest can give room for ideas to coalesce.
fake, faked, affected, assumed, professed, purported, spurious, ostensible, quasi-, contrived, in name only;
insincere, hypocritical, mock, imitation, simulated, so-called, make-believe, pseudo, sham, false, bogus;
counterfeit, fraudulent, forged
informal pretend, phoney
2 [no object] (pretend to) Lay claim to (a quality or title): he cannot pretend to sophistication
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  • There is a self-styled anti-globalisation movement that pretends to the contrary.
  • But it is an impostor, a sort of Toad Hall that pretends to an amplitude and height it hasn't got.


[attributive] informal Back to top  
Not really what it is represented as being; imaginary: the children poured out pretend tea for the dolls
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  • In the home center, children prepare a pretend picnic for an imaginary vacation.
  • And when you say towing mannequins, is that mannequin in the sense of, say a store dummy, basically a pretend human being?
  • It was a boring time, as Dominic had to eat pretend chocolate chip cookies, and drink tea.
informal phoney
South African informal play-play


late Middle English: from Latin praetendere 'stretch forth, claim', from prae 'before' + tendere 'stretch'. The adjective dates from the early 20th century.

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