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Line breaks: pro|con¦sul
Pronunciation: /prəʊˈkɒns(ə)l


1A governor of a province in ancient Rome, having much of the authority of a consul.
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  • Like the proconsuls of ancient Rome, the viceroy governed, administered, judged, superintended the royal treasury, was commander in chief of the army, and the vice patron of the church.
  • This was the main purpose of Rome's magistrates for most of her history, and even when they had become mostly civilian magistrates, as propraetors and proconsuls they still went out to govern provinces and wage wars.
  • Caesar proconsul of the province of Further Spain; victorious campaign against the Lusitani which permits him to seek a Triumph in Rome.
2A governor or deputy consul of a modern colony.
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  • Why not go the full hog and ask Dublin to send a proconsul to the loyal colony?
  • He does this, too, from the ground up-from the recruitment of junior officers to the proconsuls at the top-and he follows the story from the origins of each service to the period of decolonization.
  • He served in Britain under Claudius and was proconsul of Africa in 63.


from Latin pro consule '(one acting) for the consul'.



Pronunciation: /-sjʊlə/
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  • As praetor 148, he was sent to Macedonia, probably with proconsular status, and remained until 146, defeating Andriscus and perhaps another pretender.
  • The actual title was imperium praeconsulare maius - greater proconsular power.
  • Above all it heralded the end of the proconsular autonomy hitherto enjoyed by the representatives on mission.


Pronunciation: /-sjʊlət/


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  • The consulship of Pompey and Crassus; law passed prolonging Caesar's proconsulship for five years with new commands for both Consuls.
  • We know of no other office held by Tacitus, till seniority brought him the proconsulship of Asia for 112-13.
  • The coalition provisional authority under the proconsulship will cease to exist, replaced by a new interim Iraqi government.

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There are 2 definitions of proconsul in English:


Line breaks: Pro|con¦sul
Pronunciation: /prəʊˈkɒns(ə)l


A fossil hominoid primate found in Lower Miocene deposits in East Africa, one of the last common ancestors of both humans and the great apes.
  • Genus Proconsul, family Pongidae
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  • The topologies of each of these eight cladograms were identical to the MMPC, except that the relative position of Proconsul varied across the set creating a polytomy between Proconsul and the two hominoid clades.
  • Although the taxonomic assignment of the Kisingiri and Tinderet material to the genus Proconsul is rather secure, the potential FAE and LAE for this taxon is somewhat problematic.
  • The ‘archaic’ group here included Proconsul with Afropithecus, Turkanapithecus, Equatorius, Kenyapithecus, and Griphopithecus.

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