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Line breaks: pro|duc¦tion
Pronunciation: /prəˈdʌkʃ(ə)n


[mass noun]
  • 1The action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials, or the process of being so manufactured: banning the production of chemical weapons the car is no longer in production
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    • Costs are a function of tile size and the manufacturer's production volume and processes.
    • There were drops in the prices of all stocks of companies whose raw materials or production costs are excise-sensitive.
    • This tends to be accompanied by rising inventories and followed by reduced manufacturing production.
  • 1.1The harvesting or refinement of something natural: non-intensive methods of food production
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    • The most profitable industries in Qatar are oil and natural gas production.
    • They focus mainly on oil and natural gas production, making them highly sensitive to price fluctuations.
    • The company provides equipment and services used in the drilling and production of oil and natural gas wells.
  • 1.2The total amount of something that is produced: steel production had peaked in 1974
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    • There has been very little change in recent years in the total amount of lead production or in the percentage of recycled lead.
    • These wines constitute 18 per cent of the total production of quality wines.
    • Total worldwide production of wafers this year amounts to 57 million wafers.
  • 1.3The creation of something as part of a physical, biological, or chemical process: excess production of collagen by the liver
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    • The complete series of events from zygote formation to gamete production constitutes the plant life cycle.
    • Vitamin C is also an important nutrient for collagen production and provides immune system support.
    • They also shift metabolism toward fat production and appear dark when viewed with a dissecting microscope.
  • 1.4 [as modifier] Denoting a car or other vehicle which has been manufactured in large numbers, as opposed to a prototype or other special version: a production model
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    • They did intimate, however, that the production car would look little different from the show vehicle.
    • He wants to integrate the technology into a production car.
    • Billed as a concept, it is said to be virtually identical to the production car slated for sale in 2005.
  • 2The provision of something for consideration, inspection, or use: members are entitled to a discount on production of their membership card
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    • The tickets cost £25 on production of the special letter and a utility bill proving that the resident lives at the address.
    • Entry is free to York residents on production of a York Card.
    • For a limited period, the normal design fee of £30 is waived on production of the voucher on this page.
    presentation, offering, proffering, showing, display, exhibition
  • 3The process of or management involved in making a film, play, or record: the film was still in production
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    • By the late 1890s, he had developed a successful commercial film production and processing business.
    • Nonetheless, Rod is another director for whom a studio is rushing to get a film in production before The Strike.
    • What the film lacks in production values it makes up for in heart, sharing with us a tale most film audiences rarely see.
  • 3.1 [count noun] A film, record, play, etc., viewed in terms of its making or staging: an exciting new production of La Traviata
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    • They will perform two of the most spectacular of their productions, Swan Lake and La Bayadere.
    • The colours are bright yet muted, as often found in relatively low budget productions.
    • Nevertheless, the Fringe remains a test bed for some interesting and radical productions.
    performance, staging, mountingplay, drama, film, concert, musical; show, performance, presentation, piece
  • 3.2 [in singular] The overall sound of a musical recording, as determined by the way in which it is produced: the record’s production is gloriously relaxed
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    • The problem with Jeff is that the production sounds like it was intended for sports highlight reels and video games.
    • It sounds great and the production is as shiny as Goldrapp's lip gloss.
    • The greatest part of the whole disc is the production and mixing which sounds alive, vibrant, and urgent.


make a production of

informal Do (something) in an unnecessarily complicated way: I don’t know why she made such a production of it
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  • If you have a houseful of guests, making a production of every meal leaves you with little time or energy to enjoy them.
  • He was glaring at me over his shoulder and making a production of being reluctantly dragged away.
  • At every frequent stop, Coralie makes a production of waving the door to get fresh air.



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  • For all its productional strengths, opening night found the first act flagging somewhat in momentum.


late Middle English: via Old French from Latin productio(n-), from producere 'bring forth' (see produce).

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