Definition of projection in English:

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Pronunciation: /prəˈdʒɛkʃ(ə)n/


1An estimate or forecast of a future situation based on a study of present trends: plans based on projections of slow but positive growth [mass noun]: population projection is essential for planning
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  • Again, budget projections based on historical economic trends would have been even worse than the forecasts that were actually used.
  • While most experts consider the problem severe, others say the gloomy forecasts are based on overly conservative projections of economic growth.
  • Many companies took the knife to their cost base early in the downturn and many have revisited their cost base as revenue projections became increasingly pessimistic.
estimate, forecast, prediction, calculation, prognosis, prognostication, reckoning, expectation;
forecasting, estimation, computation;
2 [mass noun] The presentation of an image on a surface, especially a cinema screen: quality illustrations for overhead projection
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  • What actually made you get into cinema projection?
  • Traditionally used in medical applications, the xenon lamp has evolved into a key component for digital projection for home cinema applications.
  • The set featured a large screen television and big screen projection with the questions appearing on the bottom half for all to see.
2.1 [count noun] An image projected on a surface: the band use stage projections featuring moon shots
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  • What distinguishes the troupe's zesty choreography is its travelogue context, with background projections of maps, photos and colourful images of Caracas, the city that gave birth to salsa.
  • He has both the voice and look of Meatloaf himself - and is backed by an incredible stage set, video projections and a superb band.
  • The story is told through acting, song, dance and drama, with visual projections, choirs, bands and performance artists all adding to the madness.
2.2The ability to make a sound heard at a distance: I taught him voice projection
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  • This model delivers a resonant tone that provides players the ability to create unique, textured, open sounds with good projection.
  • His voice and vocal projection are so vivid that whilst he is singing he makes you forget all other performers of the role.
  • Overhead, a canopy of perforated metal panels extends out toward the first few rows of seats, helping with sound projection.
3 [mass noun] The presentation or promotion of someone or something in a particular way: the legal profession’s projection of an image of altruism
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  • What others say and do is a projection of their reality and perception, not yours.
  • Ideas, any ideas, all ideas, are only a projection of reality, not the other way around.
3.1 [count noun] A mental image viewed as reality: monsters can be understood as mental projections of mankind’s fears
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  • Acknowledging that phenomena are mental projections, we can achieve greater renunciation for there really is no point in getting attached to a situation that is not what it seems to be.
  • When we begin to have some sense of the relation between subject and object, we may begin to see that it is our own mental projections that are reflected back into our mind.
  • Psychoanalyst Carl Jung said that flying saucer reports in reality and fiction reflected a psychological projection of nuclear fears.
3.2The unconscious transfer of one’s desires or emotions to another person: we protect the self by a number of defence mechanisms, including repression and projection
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  • Bonding with a partner is more than just a matter of unconscious projection.
  • This is essentially the biological cycle of ingestion and elimination, becoming the psychological cycle of introjection and projection.
  • Among other things, the position of the spectators in the cinema is blatantly one of repression of their exhibitionism and projection of the repressed desire onto the performer.
4A thing that extends outwards from something else: the chipboard covered all the sharp projections
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  • Tubulovillous polyps are pedunculated, with villous projections extending from the free ends.
  • The tumor may have fingerlike projections, which extend into adjacent renal parenchyma.
  • They differ, however, in having a flat rather than a concave pseudointerarea, and in having a tubular projection extending from larval shell.
protuberance, protrusion, sticking-out bit, overhang, ledge, shelf, ridge, prominence, spur, outcrop, outgrowth, jut, bulge, jag, snag;
flange, eminence
5 [mass noun] Geometry The action of projecting a figure.
6 [mass noun] The representation on a plane surface of part of the surface of the earth or a celestial sphere.
Example sentences
  • Finally, the plane projection of the map doesn't quite work.
  • Different three-dimensional objects, oriented appropriately, have the same two-dimensional plane projection.
  • The key formal innovation of Christmas on Earth is its superimposed projection in unequal sizes, a format that she originated.
6.1 (also map projection) [count noun] A method for representing part of the surface of the earth or a celestial sphere on a plane surface: the use of different map projections
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  • He worked on geodesy but became interested in conformal map projections where he invented a quincuncial map projection using elliptic functions.
  • During this period he began to perfect a new map projection for which he is best remembered.
  • What is surprising is that someone discovered the map projection to do it.



Pronunciation: /prəˈdʒɛkʃ(ə)nɪst/
sense 2.
Example sentences
  • My understanding is that there were a number of unsuccessful attempts in the late sixties and through the seventies to establish movie theater franchises that would use automated systems so they could dispense with projectionists.
  • So they decided, after nearly three years of shooting, to funnel some of the profits into a projection installation team that travelled through the States teaching projectionists how to properly play their 3D film.
  • At that time, projectionists were usually itinerant foreign merchants who amused themselves by assisting film presentation, while making a little money in the process.


Mid 16th century (in sense 6): from Latin projectio(n-), from proicere 'throw forth' (see project).

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